There are three unsolved mysteries in the world, one of which is in China

Hundreds of years ago, mankind embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, we have a new understanding of the world. With the help of science, human beings have also cracked many natural phenomena or mysterious events that they thought were incomprehensible in the past.

The so-called big world is full of wonders. Although we have used the power of science to understand a lot of things in the world and solve many mysteries, the power of science is not omnipotent. Sometimes it is difficult for us to give a reasonable scientific explanation for some mysterious events.

The earth is a planet with 4.6 billion years. It has been millions of years since the birth of human beings, and human civilization has existed for more than 5000 years. In the long time, there are also many unknown mysterious events left on the earth, of which three are still unknown to scientists, two of which are in China.

1、 Mayan crystal pool

I believe many friends have heard of the Mayan civilization. It is a jungle civilization distributed in southeast Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize. The history of Maya civilization is very long, at least thousands of years ago. According to the history of human civilization, the age of Maya civilization should be the Neolithic age.

As we all know, the Neolithic age was a time when mankind had just entered civilization. At that time, human civilization was very backward, and the work used was basically some stone tools. According to historical records, the life style of Maya civilization is also very primitive, which is not very different from other primitive civilizations.

But it is such a primitive civilization with a way of life, but in many ways it has more knowledge than we think. For example, he has made great achievements in astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and writing. In particular, his attainments in mathematics and astronomy are no less than those of modern science and technology, and even his knowledge in astronomy is beyond us.

Why did the Maya civilization, a primitive civilization in the Neolithic age, have such mismatched scientific and technological knowledge? This may be a big mystery in science. It is precisely because the Maya civilization is a very mysterious civilization that scientists attach great importance to the research and exploration of this civilization. Scientists will actively explore and seek the truth of any event related to the Maya civilization.

Although the Mayan civilization disappeared later, they left a lot of relics, which became an important thing for us to study and explore the Mayan civilization. In addition to the pyramids and other relics that we all know, there are thousands of mysterious crystal pools in the dense jungle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, which are also left by the Maya civilization.

Through the research and exploration of thousands of crystal pools by scientists, it is determined that this place used to be a very important place for Maya people to live. There used to be at least a million Mayans living here. The reason why these pools are named crystal pools is not because there are a lot of crystals here, but because the water in these pools is very clear and transparent and looks like crystal.

How are these crystal pools formed? Some scientists believe that it may have been impacted by meteorites, forming a large number of craters and gradually forming pools. In these puddles, scientists found a lot of pottery pots and other things used by the Mayans, and also found a large number of new species here.

The Mayans regard this place as a holy land and think that these crystal pools lead to the underground world. Of course, what is the truth? More research is needed. As long as we work hard, I believe that one day, we can uncover the mystery of these crystal pools. Through the secrets of these crystal pools, maybe we can learn more about the Maya civilization.

2、 Stone mortar in Daqingshan, Inner Mongolia

There is a mountain named Daqingshan in Keshiketeng Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. These are very beautiful mountains. On the top of Daqingshan, there are hundreds of stone mortars like vats. The local people call them “nine vats and eighteen pots”.

These mortars are distributed in the range of about 1000 square meters on the top of the mountain, with different sizes and shapes. They have a common feature: they have a small mouth and a big stomach. The largest mortar is 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters deep. According to the research of geologists, the Shijiu group in Daqingshan is the largest, the largest type and the best preserved Shijiu group in the world.

So how did these mortar come into being? In this regard, people do not have a unified answer, but all kinds of speculation. Some people think that these stone mortars were left by some mysterious forces, others think that these stone mortars are the result of wind erosion, and some scientists think that they were formed under the action of glaciers.

Geologists have made many on-the-spot investigations on the Daqingshan mortar, trying to find out the causes of their formation. At present, a guess with high recognition is that tens of thousands of years ago, it was once covered by a layer of glacier, with a thickness of several kilometers. Later, with the melting of glaciers, combined with the geological form here, the Shijiu group was gradually formed. Of course, this statement is not the final answer, it is just a guess, doubts have always existed.

3、 The legend of Sumatran dwarfs

I believe many friends have heard the legend of giants and dwarfs. Compared with the legend of giants, the legend of dwarfs is more reliable. For hundreds of years, there have been some legends about dwarfs in Sumatra, south of Southeast Asia.

It is said that there once lived a group of furry bipedal animals in Sumatra, which are called “Sumatran dwarfs”. Sumatran dwarfs are not just a legend. Many witnesses claimed to have seen “Sumatran dwarfs” and described them as very short, only about 90 cm tall.

Scientists found some skulls in this area through Kaoshi. These skulls are very similar to human skulls, but there is a big difference in size. Scientists think this may be the skull of a dwarf who once lived here. Later, through continuous research and exploration, scientists found that a small prehistoric human may have really lived on an island in Indonesia.

Although the existence of Sumatran dwarfs has been supported by many scientists, we still don’t have enough evidence to prove their existence. As for those witnesses who claimed to have seen “Sumatran dwarfs”, there is no real evidence. Unless one day, we can really get a clear picture of these dwarfs.

The above three are the three mysteries in the world that have not been solved by scientists. In fact, these events are not too magical among the numerous mysterious events of the earth, and there are some mysterious events that make scientists headache and unable to find the direction of exploration and research. From this, we can also see that although human beings are assisted by the power of science and technology, we are far from really understanding the world.

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