There are three unusual places in the solar system, which scientists speculate may be related to mysterious forces

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Before human beings walked out of the earth, although people were also imagining that there should be a broader world beyond the earth, due to the limitation of observation technology, we did not know how huge that world was. Some people even thought that the earth was the real world, and the sun, moon and stars in the sky were only part of the earth.

With the continuous progress of human civilization, it embarked on the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago. With the help of science and technology, the astronomical telescope was invented. It was only at this time that we initially saw the vast universe through the earth. Later, when we walked out of the earth, we saw for the first time what the real earth looked like from the universe, and we also saw the solar system for the first time.

The solar system is actually a stellar system, which is composed of the central star, the sun, eight planets and a large number of asteroids. With the continuous improvement of human observation technology, we see the extragalactic sky. It turns out that there is a galaxy beyond the solar system, which is a galaxy with a diameter of 100000 light years. There is a massive black hole in the center, and hundreds of billions of stars move around the silver center.

Our sun is only one of the stars, it is not a special star, the solar system is also an ordinary star system, but it breeds a living blue star, so it seems that the solar system has some extraordinary things.

After going out of the earth, human beings have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. However, after more than half a century of efforts, up to now we have not found any extraterrestrial life, nor have we found a second life planet. The earth’s unique beautiful appearance shows its great difference from other planets, which may be the unique style of life planet.

Scientists have discovered many star systems and thousands of earth like planets through telescopes, but none of them is exactly the same as the earth. So the earth is still a very unique planet of life, and the solar system is also extraordinary.

Why can the solar system give birth to a life planet like the earth? Is there anything unusual about the solar system? Through a large number of observations and studies, scientists believe that life is a rare, complex and mysterious thing in the universe, and nothing is so special as life. Since life is very special and mysterious, the planet that gave birth to it naturally can not be born at random, and many conditions need to be met.

After reaching such a conclusion, scientists began to explore what is unusual about the solar system. Through continuous research, we have found three different places, which scientists speculate may be related to mysterious forces.

1、 How are star systems formed due to the abnormal arrangement of planets? After a lot of observation and research, scientists believe that the stellar system comes from the cosmic dust cluster. We all know that after the big bang, time, space and matter appeared. The original material was just some basic elements, which gathered together to form a dust mass.

Under the action of gravity, the dust mass rotates rapidly, and the density of matter in the center is increasing, forming the early celestial bodies. As matter continues to gather towards the center, when the mass and pressure reach a certain level, it will ignite nuclear fusion, and the celestial body will evolve into a star.

Through the formation mechanism of stellar systems, we should understand that the closer to the center, the greater the density of matter, and the larger the number and volume of celestial bodies that can be formed. This conjecture has been confirmed in other galaxies outside the solar system. Scientists have found a lot of stellar systems. Observations have found that gas giant planets often exist in the positions of these stellar systems close to the main star, and many other massive objects also gather near the main star.

Stars are gradually formed in the center of the dust accumulation in the universe, and although there are dust materials in the edge zone, generally there are no big planets, basically some asteroids. The closer the planet is to the star, the bigger it should be. Otherwise, it will be smaller and smaller. This is the normal law of stellar system evolution.

However, this kind of stellar evolution law has changed in the solar system. We all know that there are eight planets in the solar system, four of which are earth like planets and four are gaseous planets. Generally speaking, the mass and volume of the earth like planets are not as large as those of the gaseous planets, and so are the eight planets in the solar system. The mass and volume of the four gaseous planets are much larger than those of the four earth like planets.

According to the normal stellar system evolution, the four gaseous planets should be located near the sun, especially Jupiter, which was born between the earth and Mars in the early days. But why did it end up on the outside of Mars? The other three gaseous planets also ran to the edge of the solar system, giving up the position close to the sun to the four earth like planets. What’s the advantage of doing so?

Scientists speculate that Jupiter and Saturn should have been formed in the first place on earth and Mars, and then pushed to their present position under the action of external forces. So what is the external force? Some people think it’s the sun’s gravity, others think it might be a mysterious force that we don’t know.

In any case, a mysterious external force pushes Jupiter and Saturn outward, leaving a good position for Mars and earth, and this position is very suitable for the birth and evolution of life. Is it a coincidence or is it a mysterious force that deliberately does this? It’s still a mystery.

2、 The earth has three natural “barriers”, the earth has a suitable position in the solar system, can give birth to early life. However, it takes a long time for life to evolve from the primitive stage to the intelligent stage. It took 3.8 billion years for earth life to have the birth of human beings.

Therefore, it is very difficult for life to evolve to the stage of intelligent life. After studying Venus and Mars, scientists speculated that they might have been living planets billions of years ago, but then something happened. The universe is not peaceful, especially the solar system, asteroid impact can easily end the life of the earth.

Why is the earth safe all the time? Although the earth has experienced five mass extinctions and countless small extinctions in billions of years of life, the road of life evolution has been making progress. The age of life has never really restarted. The reason behind this is that the earth has three “barriers” in the solar system, which block the impact of large asteroids.

The first barrier is Jupiter. After it was pushed out of its original orbit by a mysterious force, it did not choose a position at random, but chose the right front of the earth, which just blocked a large number of asteroids from the edge of the solar system.

The second barrier is the asteroid belt, which lies between Mars and the earth. Its formation is still a mystery. Some scientists believe that this may have been a planet, and then somehow smashed into an asteroid belt.

Jupiter blocks a large number of asteroids from outside the solar system for the earth. If there is a fish in the net, then the asteroid belt will play a role. There are at least 100000 asteroids distributed here. If asteroids from outside the solar system pass through here, they can be blocked.

The third barrier is the Kuiper belt, which is located at the edge of the solar system. It is a natural barrier around the solar system, with countless kinds of celestial bodies suspended. If the celestial bodies outside the solar system want to enter the solar system, they will face many tests of the Kuiper belt.

3、 The moon, the patron saint of the earth, is the only natural satellite of the earth. It is not strange that there are planets and satellites. Normal sized satellites have very little protective effect on planets, but the mass and volume of the moon are unusual. It is not the largest planet in the solar system, but it is too large to be placed with the earth, which makes scientists feel incredible.

In the universe, the average planet and satellite volume will be less than 1:1000, but the volume ratio of the earth and the moon is 1:49. We have not found a second satellite system in the universe. The mass and volume of the moon relative to the earth is so large, that naturally has a great impact on the earth.

The earth can have the present ecosystem, can give birth to life, largely thanks to the moon. The moon also plays an important role in protecting the earth from the impact of huge asteroids. The dense craters on the surface of the moon can show how many asteroid impacts it has blocked for the earth.

Under heavy protection, the earth became a planet of life, completed 3.8 billion years of life evolution, and finally gave birth to human beings. Today, these protective gods are still protecting the earth and the rapid growth of human beings. Only when human beings become an interstellar civilization can we really get rid of this protected fate.

So are these unusual places formed naturally or are there some mysterious forces behind them? In this regard, scientists can not give an accurate answer. Human beings are still too weak. Maybe only when we become an interstellar civilization and go out of the solar system can we hope to find an answer.

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