There are three ways that human beings can achieve immortality, which one is easier to achieve?

When it comes to immortality, many people think of the famous emperor Qin Shihuang in ancient China. In order to achieve immortality, Qin Shihuang tried his best, but in the end he did not escape the fate of death.

As a matter of fact, many emperors in ancient times put into action for immortality. For example, Li Shimin, the famous emperor of the Tang Dynasty, also asked Taoists to refine the elixir of immortality for him in his later years. So the dream of eternal life is only for these emperors? Of course not. Ordinary people also expect to live forever. But for ordinary people, the first goal is to survive, and immortality is just a dream to think about in their heart. They basically don’t take any action or research.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, immortality may always be just a dream. However, when we enter the era of science and technology and recognize the powerful power of science and technology, immortality may no longer be a dream in the future, but a dream that can be realized. Perhaps most modern people also think that immortality is impossible.

But many scientists don’t think so. In the cognition of scientists, the mystery of life can be solved by science. If we solve all the mysteries of life, then immortality is no longer a matter. Therefore, modern science has regarded immortality as an important goal of life exploration, and many scientists have joined in this exploration field.

Even ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief futurologist, once optimistically predicted that human beings would live forever in 2045. Of course, this view has not been recognized by many people. In the eyes of most scientists, even if human beings can achieve immortality in the future, it will be a very long time, not in a short time.

There is not only one way for scientists to explore human immortality, but also three directions. Through these three ways, it is possible for human beings to enter into immortality. Which of the three ways is easier to implement? First of all, let’s take a look at these three ways to achieve immortality?

The first way is to achieve unlimited cell division

Why do humans have aging and death? If we look at the micro world, we can find the cells. As we all know, the human body is actually made up of cells, and cells update and replace through continuous division. Generally speaking, human aging is caused by the accumulated loss of cells in the body.

If cells can continue to divide, then the body tissue can continue to update, and theoretically immortality can be achieved. But we all know that cell division is not infinite. The number of cell divisions in a person’s life is about 50-60. When cells no longer divide, human life will come to an end.

So why can’t cells divide indefinitely? The main reason is caused by a structure called telomere at the end of chromosome. This telomere can effectively maintain the activity and quality of cells, but the telomere will shorten with each cell division. When this process continues to a certain extent, telomeres will lose their function and cells will no longer divide.

The goal of scientists is to make this telomere work indefinitely, so that it will not shorten during cell division. Or cells can synthesize telomeres indefinitely. When telomeres become too short to function, cells can synthesize telomeres themselves, so that cell division will continue, and human beings can live forever.

Can telomere loss be repaired? In fact, in some special human cells, there is an enzyme that can synthesize telomeres, which can effectively prevent the shortening of telomeres. However, this enzyme can not be found in ordinary cells. The reason for this situation, scientists believe, is caused by genes.

It’s human genes that limit the telomeres of ordinary cells so that they can’t divide indefinitely. This kind of restriction is very beneficial to the evolution of life, because in the long 4 billion years of human life, the early life was carried out in this way of immortality for a period of time. However, in the later evolution process, nature found that the immortality of this way of life has too many disadvantages, which is not conducive to the evolution of life on earth.

So in the end, nature made a choice and destroyed the road to immortality. Since then, life on the earth has ushered in a wave of rapid evolution. It can be seen that there is a kind of shackle given by nature inside the gene. Only by breaking this shackle can human beings achieve immortality. So is it easy to break the shackles? The answer is that it’s very difficult. We don’t even have primary knowledge of gene research, let alone change genes at will.

The second way is to continuously repair human tissues with science and technology

From a microscopic point of view, the human body is composed of a large number of cells. From a macro point of view, the human body is composed of various organs and tissues. Human aging is caused by the aging of these organs and tissues. If all parts of the body can be constantly replaced, then human beings will be able to achieve immortality.

Modern science and technology are actively exploring nanotechnology, which is very powerful. It can remove all kinds of rubbish and lethal factors from the body. When nanotechnology is mature, human beings will get rid of all kinds of diseases. At the same time, it can also repair and replace the aging tissue of the body.

Even in the future, we can select various organs, such as artificial heart and artificial kidney, to replace important parts of human body. In this way, the human body is actually regarded as a complex machine, which is composed of many parts. Which parts are aging and can’t run, we can replace which parts, so that the whole machine will always keep active operation.

When this method is applied to the extreme, human beings can basically achieve immortality. It’s just that this kind of immortality is quite different. It may be a bit like a Cyborg. It’s not completely pure human.

The third way: through the transfer of consciousness to achieve immortality

What is the most important thing for human beings? It is estimated that many scientists will answer consciousness. Yes, the reason why human beings call it intelligent life is that we have intelligent consciousness, and the existence of consciousness is the foundation of human beings. If there is no consciousness, it is a walking corpse, a machine without soul, so it can’t be called human.

Therefore, if the immortality of human beings can not achieve the immortality of the body, can consciousness live forever? We know a lot about human consciousness now. Like dark matter and dark energy, it is an invisible, intangible but real thing. What is consciousness? There is no final conclusion.

We don’t know what consciousness is? But we have no doubt about its importance. As long as consciousness can achieve immortality, it is actually a kind of immortality of human beings. So at a very early time, scientists began to study and explore the technology of consciousness transfer, that is, human consciousness as a digital signal, which can be downloaded and uploaded.

If we can download consciousness and transfer it to other places, then human beings will realize the immortality of consciousness. Some scientists believe that although the human body cannot live forever for various reasons, the human consciousness may be able to live forever. However, consciousness may dissipate with the end of the human body. Therefore, we need to transfer consciousness before the end of the body. If this technology can be realized, then the road of human immortality will be realized.

The above three ways are the three ways to achieve immortality proposed by scientists. Through the above introduction, we can see that the second way is obviously easier to achieve. Nanotechnology has been studied for a long time and has made some good achievements. It is believed that nanotechnology can be applied to the repair of human body in not many years.

At that time, even if we could not achieve immortality, there would be no problem in greatly increasing human life expectancy. As for the first and third methods, scientists are not sure whether they can be realized. Whether it is to master all the mysteries of genes or to crack all the mysteries of consciousness, it is very far away for human beings.

Well, let’s talk about it today. Welcome to pay attention to us and bring more wonderful content to our friends next time.

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