There are two giant foreign bodies in the earth, which are 100 times higher than Mount Everest. What will they be?

The earth is a rocky planet, divided into land, ocean and underground. The exploration of these three parts has been started since the birth of human beings, but before human beings entered the era of science and technology, what we can explore is only limited to a part of the land, and we almost know nothing about the ocean and the interior of the earth.

With the development of human beings, with the help of science and technology, we have basically been able to achieve a comprehensive exploration of land. At least with the help of developed transportation, we can travel all over the world. And with the help of satellites, nature has a more comprehensive understanding of the earth’s surface.

As for the ocean, human science and technology have gone deep into it for preliminary exploration. However, our current exploration of the ocean is only 10%, and 90% of the secrets of the ocean are still unknown to us. We know nothing about the earth’s interior except that it is divided into crust, mantle and geocentric layers.

The main reason why we know so little about the earth’s interior is that we can’t go deep into it. One of the deepest underground exploration holes in the world is the Kola ultra deep borehole, which took Soviet scientists 20 years to complete. Later, due to the influence of underground high temperature, it could not be carried out. The depth of the borehole is 12263 meters, which is not short compared with the average thickness of 17000 meters of the earth’s crust.

With the current technology of human beings, it is far from penetrating the crust, let alone the mantle layer and the core layer. At present, only seismic waves are used to explore the underground situation. Because the earth is composed of various plates, these plates are not fixed, and in a state of mobile activity, when the friction between the plates, there will be earthquakes, generating seismic waves.

Seismic wave propagates in the interior of the earth. Because seismic wave propagates at different speeds in different materials, according to the collected seismic wave data, we can have an understanding of the general situation of the interior of the earth. Of course, this understanding is relatively vague. It’s the same reason that astronomical telescopes observe celestial bodies in the universe. We can observe planets several light-years or hundreds of light-years away, but the situation we get is only a very vague data. We naturally know nothing about the specific situation of this planet.

Through the detection of seismic waves, we also have a preliminary understanding of the earth’s interior. We know that under the crustal layer of 17 kilometers thick is the mantle layer, and the mantle layer is a high temperature and high pressure environment. The high temperature environment of thousands of degrees or more makes the mantle layer present the state of liquid material flow. This is a common understanding of the mantle layer. In many people’s cognition, the high temperature of the mantle layer should be high-temperature magmatic material, and there can be no solid objects. But is this really the case?

Through the detection of seismic waves, scientists found that there are two giant solid foreign bodies in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean of Africa at a depth of 2000 kilometers. We need to know that this depth has reached the mantle layer, and the mantle layer is not supposed to be high-temperature molten material? How can there be a huge solid foreign body? Although the answer is hard for many people to accept, it is.

These two giant foreign bodies are 100 times higher than the world’s tallest Mount Everest. If they are placed on the earth’s surface, their height can reach space directly, and their area is the total area of seven continents. What are these two huge objects? Why can they exist in the high temperature mantle?

For this problem, scientists do not have a definite answer at present. Scientists can only find the general outline of these two giant objects through seismic wave detection, and find that they are like two giant peaks firmly embedded in the mantle layer. There are two possible reasons why they can exist in the mantle layer with temperatures as high as several thousand degrees. One reason is that the materials of these two giant objects are special, their high temperature resistance is very strong, and the high temperature of several thousand degrees is not enough to melt them.

Another reason is that the mantle layer may not be all in a high temperature environment, and some places may not be so hot. This is not entirely impossible. The mantle layer is full of high temperature and high pressure environment. In fact, it is our guess. Although seismic waves can understand some situations, what we get is not the real situation, but a very vague situation.

It is possible that the situation inside the earth is completely beyond our imagination. We should know that the average thickness of the mantle layer is about 2865 km. If such a thick mantle layer is full of liquid melting material, it is a bit unreasonable. Maybe the mantle layer is divided into several layers. Only one or several layers have high-temperature melting material, and some layers may not have high temperature.

Through the discovery of these two giant objects in the mantle layer, scientists have a new understanding of the mystery of the mantle layer. It is possible that the mantle layer we know is not the real mantle layer, and the real mantle layer may be far more complex and mysterious than we thought. There are many legends about the underground world among the people. If the underground world really exists, do they exist in the crust or the mantle?

In the past, many people might have thought that the underground world might exist in the crust. However, the discovery of giant solid peaks in the mantle layer has led to a change in some people’s conjecture. Some people think that if the underground world really exists, then the mantle layer is a better choice.

These two underground giant foreign bodies discovered by scientists may be the biggest secret of the earth’s interior. They may have formed in the early days of the earth. Some scientists believe that the structure and movement of the earth’s plates, and even the birth of life on earth, may be related to these two giant foreign bodies.

Of course, at present, we are only guessing about them. If we want to really understand what these two foreign bodies are, we have to go deep into them and observe them closely. To achieve this goal, we need to work hard to develop science and technology. As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, with super high temperature resistant materials, it is not difficult to drill through the crust and deep into the mantle. At that time, we will be able to uncover the true features of these two giant foreign bodies. We are looking forward to this day.

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