There have been frequent “mysterious loud noises” in the United States for more than 150 years. Who made them?

We often say that the journey of human beings is the sea of stars. Although our steps have gone to the universe, there are still many unsolved mysteries about the home where human beings live, waiting for human beings to solve them. Strange phenomena have occurred in the United States, and mysterious loud noises have occurred frequently in many cities. This sign has lasted for 150 years. This huge roar is known as Seneca gunfire. Until now, there are many discussions, and it is still a difficult problem in the scientific community.

Seneca gunfire

Huge sounds appear near Seneca Lake in New York, USA. over the years, residents living in the area can often hear the huge roar. Sometimes it’s like an earthquake, sometimes it’s like thunder, sometimes it’s more like an explosion. Looking back to history, we can find that this kind of huge voice first appeared 150 years ago. It was in 1850, when an American writer named James ferrimore Cooper published a short story called “the lake gun”, in which he first mentioned the roar near Seneca Lake. In his novel, he wrote that this huge sound is like the explosion of a shell. There is no law to speak of. The sound is very empty. It seems that lake Seneca is talking to the surrounding mountains, and the mountains are responding in their own way. This is what we call Seneca gunfire.

Although it is mentioned in the novel that loud noises appear near Lake Seneca, over the years, there have been loud noises in many parts of the United States, such as the coast of North Carolina and Virginia. In 1886, there was an earthquake in South Carolina. After the earthquake, the local residents often heard deafening roar. In the Midwest of the United States, there was a big earthquake in New Madrid. During the earthquake, local residents also heard such a sound.

How did Seneca’s gunfire come about?

This kind of huge sound appeared in many places in the United States and lasted for 150 years. How did it come into being? Different people have different opinions. Some conspiracy theorists claim that this loud noise is actually a warning given to mankind by the local gods who are too angry. The gods in their words refer to the Seneca aboriginal tribes. In 1600, the Seneca tribes once created brilliant civilization. Later, European colonists entered the Seneca tribes, and the stable life of the local people was interrupted. This huge voice may be the angry cry of the gods at that time. They did not want their sacred land to be destroyed.

Scientists also went to explore around Lake Seneca. Naturally, they didn’t believe in gods. They think that the reason for this phenomenon may be related to the changes in nature, it may be caused by the earthquake, or it may be caused by the geological movement of the lake. In 2003, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted data analysis among 1700 observation points in the United States in order to solve the secret of the huge sound. In two years, the huge sound appeared countless times, but no earthquake was found at that time. Therefore, the reason for the gunfire in Seneca should have nothing to do with the earthquake.

Until now, Seneca’s gunshot is still an unsolved mystery. Even if scientists use a lot of equipment and efforts, there are still not many ideal effects. So it seems that human beings are very small on the earth. Although we have become the overlord on the earth, there are still many mysterious things we can’t do.

If we want to solve the secret of Seneca’s gunshot, we haven’t made much progress now, but Xiao Bian believes that one day in the future, we will be able to solve the mystery of Seneca’s gunshot. Therefore, we still have to keep a heart of awe towards the earth. Only by moving forward with an open mind and increasing scientific research and development can we go further. I don’t know if you have heard of it What about the shot from Seneca?

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