There have been more than 10000 earthquakes on the moon so far. Scientists guess whether the moon is hollow or not?

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. In this long period of time, the earth has never left the solar system and is surrounded by the sun and the moon. All the light and heat in our life come from the sun. With their existence, the earth will have the alternation of day and night and the division of four seasons. Human beings have been living in the earth. They are extremely curious about things and scenes outside the earth, but they also have a deep sense of awe.

Originally, we could only guess the scene outside the earth by imagination, thanks to the curiosity of our ancestors, which promoted the progress of human civilization. Now our civilization has allowed us to move forward to the universe. With the progress of human science, we no longer stop at the earth, but look to the more distant universe. For us, the universe is no longer a dream, the distance between us seems to be gradually narrowing, and the secret of the universe is gradually showing in front of human eyes.

However, with our in-depth understanding of the universe, we found that the universe is not as beautiful as we thought. There are no birds and flowers, and there are no creatures everywhere. The universe is really quiet. This discovery is frightening. After all, it is totally different from what we expected.

According to the initial calculation of scientists, the universe should be full of beautiful scenes, but the real universe we see is a dead silence. There are countless celestial bodies in the universe, among which there should be extraterrestrial civilization. Why is it so “quiet”?

In fact, this conjecture is contrary to the fact, which is the core idea of the famous “Fermi paradox”, that is, the contradiction between the argument about scale and probability and the scarce evidence. The remarkable scale and age of the universe mean that higher extraterrestrial civilization should exist. In order to explain this contradiction, scientists have racked their brains to put forward a variety of conjectures, some of which are convincing and some are absurd.

One of the most convincing conjectures is the “cosmic laboratory hypothesis”, which holds that the earth may be just a “laboratory” built by advanced civilization, in which the seeds of life like human beings are sown, so as to observe the evolutionary relationship of species through experiments, so as to achieve a certain purpose.

So why is this seemingly absurd hypothesis accepted by so many people? And think that the cosmic laboratory hypothesis is the most authentic? There are also many unexplained coincidences and irrationalities in the solar system.

The irrationality is about the moon. The origin of the moon has always been a controversial topic among scientists. Some people even put forward that the moon is a “hollow sphere”. This statement is not based on an empty hole, but on a lunar earthquake experiment.

In the Apollo program, scientists placed a “seismograph” on the surface of the moon to measure the vibration of the moon. After long-term observation of this “seismograph”, it was found that the seismograph on the moon had monitored more than 10000 lunar earthquakes. What’s more shocking is that damping phenomenon appeared in the process of lunar earthquakes, which was like water in a balloon. So someone put forward the idea The moon is hollow.

However, we all know that the naturally formed celestial bodies in the universe can never be hollow. If the moon is really hollow, but the moon has a great catalytic effect on the birth of life on the earth, and the mystery of the origin of the moon, all of which add up to too many unreasonable and unexplainable, making people feel that the “cosmic laboratory hypothesis” is very reliable.

In the vast universe, not only the moon, but also other stars are waiting for people to uncover their mystery. All the above are just conjectures, and there is no exact scientific theory. But I believe that one day, we can explore the truth and solve all the mysteries!

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