There is a black crack in the galaxy, 11000 light-years away from the earth. What will it be?

Human beings are the overlord of the earth and the only intelligent civilization in the solar system. The earth is proud of human beings, and so is the solar system. Driven by science and technology, human beings soon realized their dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth, they know that the earth is so small, and human beings are so small. The universe is so vast that we can’t imagine that our solar system is just a tiny small galaxy. The whole silver system with a diameter of 200000 light-years has hundreds of billions of small galaxies like the solar system.

With the exploration and cognition of the universe, we know that the seemingly huge universe is actually composed of numerous galaxy clusters. For example, the galaxy cluster in which the Milky way is located is the supercluster Virgo, which has a diameter of hundreds of millions of light years and contains many galaxies like the Milky way. So are there star clusters outside our solar system? The answer is yes.

If we stand outside the solar system, we may not be able to see the solar system. What we see is a huge Nebula surrounding the solar system. It is the Oort nebula, with a diameter of 2 light-years. It is possible that the reason why the earth has not been discovered by extraterrestrial civilization is that it is protected by the giant Oort nebula. To discover the existence of the solar system, alien civilizations may need to pass through the Oort nebula.

For human beings, our technology is still relatively backward. We have not been able to cross the Oort nebula, and naturally we can not get out of the solar system. However, relying on human wisdom, we invented the astronomical telescope, an observation artifact, which allows us to see the deep space in the distance. At present, the diameter of the universe that we can observe with the astronomical telescope has reached 92 billion light-years, which is a great achievement.

Of course, for human science and technology, our focus is still on exploring the galaxy. As I said just now, the universe is composed of many galaxy clusters. Inside each cluster, there may be a world, one or more star systems like the solar system. Scientists have been 1.1 light-years away from the earth in the depths of the galaxy, found a mysterious black crack, its shape like a snake.

This mysterious black crack has aroused scientists’ interest. What is the black crack? Is it a huge galaxy cluster or an unknown space crack? Maybe some people don’t understand why scientists think it might be a space crack? If so, what is its significance and function?

I believe many people know that the span of the universe is based on light years, and the speed of light is the basic speed unit. If the vast universe wants to sail freely, the most basic speed must reach the speed of light. If you want to explore the whole galaxy, you need a faster speed, which is faster than the speed of light.

Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the speed of an object in vacuum can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. If the speed of an object cannot exceed the speed of light, does it mean that human beings can never travel all over the galaxy or explore the universe? Of course, scientists don’t think so, so some scientists put forward the wormhole probability.

Scientists believe that our seemingly calm and stable universe is not peaceful at all. If we enlarge the universe many times, we will find that there are many cracks in the universe. Scientists believe that behind these cracks, there may be wormholes. If the space current in the wormholes exceeds the speed of light, the spaceship will go in like surfing and follow the superluminal current to fly at superluminal speed easily.

So, will the black crack that scientists have discovered in the galaxy be a shaped space crack? Through a series of exploration and research by scientists, it is found that it is not a space crack, but a very huge cloud cluster. This cloud is about dozens of solar systems, and it’s still moving.

The reason why this huge black cloud looks so strange and looks like a huge crack is that it has just formed and is still growing. It is moving at the same time, constantly gathering and absorbing the surrounding stars and materials, the volume is also growing. When it finally stabilizes, it will slowly form a stable cloud like the Oort nebula.

At present, this huge black cloud is covered with stars on and around its surface. They are all newly formed stars. It can be seen that this cloud is very domineering. We can’t imagine how far it will grow in the future. It may stabilize and no longer move after hundreds of millions of years. The stars absorbed in the cloud cluster also began to evolve into their own galaxies. Each galaxy has several different planets, and there may also be life planets or even civilized planets.

Because this huge black cloud cluster is still in the growth stage, we can’t observe the internal conditions of the cloud cluster now. The cloud cluster scene observed by the astronomical telescope is like the apocalyptic phenomena. This is also the first time that human beings have observed the formation process of an extremely huge galaxy cluster. In the future, scientists will continue to track and observe it to see what it can eventually evolve into What’s the matter.

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