There is a “buzz” in the universe. Who is greeting us? Scientists unravel the answer!

In recent years, science fiction movies are popular, many people think that aliens are real, and the image of aliens is also engraved in everyone’s mind. Since the 1960s, we have been looking for traces of extraterrestrial life, but there is no ideal effect. Just a while ago, in the process of observing the universe, scientists actually detected the buzzing sound in the universe. Could this sound be made by aliens?

In fact, in the early days of searching for extraterrestrial life, human beings tried to send signals to the universe, but these signals contain the position information of the earth. If we rashly expose the position of the earth, we will have an unknown outcome waiting for human beings. Since then, scientists have changed their thinking. Space often transmits a large number of wireless signals to the earth. Most of the signals are disorderly and irregular. Then a small part of the signals hide the information of aliens. Some time ago, scientists found that a mysterious signal was uploaded from the nearby star. Until now, the signal has not been broken by humans Translation. The buzzing sound discovered by scientists undoubtedly adds a layer of mystery to extraterrestrial life.

Buzz in the universe

Many people think that extraterrestrial life is real, and the buzz monitored by scientists is actually the use of communication tools by aliens to greet the earth. There are different levels of civilization in the universe, and alien civilization is likely to be ahead of human civilization, so they will choose to use signals to transmit information. While everyone was talking about it, scientists analyzed the signal again and found that the signal in this book has nothing to do with aliens, and it is likely that it was gravitational waves. This conclusion is really hard for many people to accept.

In 1916, Einstein put forward the concept of gravitational wave. The universe is not immutable. In some cases, it will bend. The universe, which had no waves, suddenly began to ripple. This is actually gravitational wave. Although scientists have been doing research on it at an ideal level for more than a century. It wasn’t until 2016 that scientists detected the gravitational wave signal, which was produced by the merger of two black holes.

Although we have created brilliant civilization and technology, we are still small for the universe. Maybe gravitational waves have been produced in the universe, but due to the limitation of distance or the obstruction of technological level, there are many gravitational waves that we have not found. There may have been gravitational waves in the depths of the universe, but when they reached the earth, it was a different scene.

So what we need to do in the future is to solve the problems of distance and technology. Only when we can solve the time deviation can we know the secret of the universe. I don’t know what you think?

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