There is a cliff in Guizhou that can lay eggs. Each egg is bred for 30 years and falls off automatically when it grows up

There is a very strange mountain in Guizhou. The grass and trees on the mountain are flourishing. Only one cliff is exposed. This is the very famous wonderful geological landscape “egg cliff”. Tourists often travel thousands of miles to see the stone cliff where they can lay eggs!

This cliff is not very big. It’s about 20 meters long and 6 meters high. Now people can see that many “stone eggs” of different sizes are inlaid on the cliff. Some of them seem to have just emerged, while others are about to mature and fall off. The diameter of the stone eggs is between 30-60 cm. The most amazing thing is that the egg production cycle is once every 30 years, and there has never been an exception. The local old man said that every 30 years, these eggs grow up and will be “laid”, and the “laying” is often on the night of thunderstorm. Therefore, this kind of magic egg is endowed with more magical color. We all think that the family where the stone egg is located will be prosperous. Therefore, the residents here who can collect and offer a stone egg are enviable!

Geologists once thought that this stone egg was a fossil of dinosaur eggs? After careful analysis and detection, although the stone egg looks like a dinosaur egg in color, it has no Eggshell Structure and is not a dinosaur egg fossil. They were formed in Cambrian, 500 million years ago, but the cliff wall is composed of another kind of mudstone. In this regard, geologists conducted repeated sampling and surrounding sampling analysis and detection, and solved the mystery: 500 million years ago, this was a deep sea. Some calcium carbonate molecules were dissociated in the deep-sea soft mud and agglomerated together under some chemical action to form nodules. After the compaction of the sediment, the soft mud and nodules became rocks and were buried in the deep sea bottom. At this time, the soft mud and nodules became rocks After hundreds of millions of years of geological movement, Guizhou became a land, and the rocks were exposed. The exposed rock is weathered. The cliff is soft mud, and the weathering speed is fast. The stone egg is nodule, and the weathering speed is slow. Therefore, after the layer by layer weathering of mudstone, the stone egg is slowly bred. And the period of 30 years should be understood as the weathering speed of cliff and egg is about 30 years different, so about 30 years, the stone egg will fall off automatically!

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