There is a crack over Kazakhstan. It is said that this is a passage through time and space!

Kazakhstan appears over the “portal”, is it through the channel, there will be biological?

Based on the wormhole theory mentioned by Einstein, many scientists believe that crossing is feasible. Hawking also predicted the existence of parallel universe. With the continuous development of science, in the future, mankind may be able to find a tunnel through time and space, realize the real crossing, and go to a new world. So does parallel universe exist? In fact, there are many cases in our life, which imply that our parallel world may exist, such as our dreams when we sleep at night.

Does parallel world exist

In your sleep, these dreams are illusory, but there is a feeling that they are very real, as if they had happened. But when you wake up, your brain gradually becomes clear, and you find that it is just a dream. So how did the dream come into being? Why do dreams appear in our brains and are so real? There is also a simplest case, that is, when we arrive at a strange place, we will feel a sense of familiarity. Why does a place that has never been there have the feeling of deja vu? I believe that many people feel this situation. He believes that the emergence of these cases is likely to have something to do with the existence of these worlds.

Over the years, scientists have been actively looking for the entrance to the parallel world. Is it really the wormhole Einstein said? What happened over Kazakhstan some time ago seems to prove the existence of parallel world. A second ago, the sky was clear and there was no abnormal phenomenon. However, a few seconds later, the blue sky was suddenly torn open, and it became larger and larger. In the tear, there was red and yellow, similar to a rainbow.

The gap over Kazakhstan

Some people say that it is the road to the parallel world, some say that it is the entrance to cross, others say that it is a portal, and there will be some creatures slowly appear from this opening, just like Godzilla in a science fiction movie. Some people even say that this is a sign before the disaster, so what’s the matter with the void over Kazakhstan? For a time, there were different opinions.

The appearance of this giant opening reminds us of such an experiment carried out by scientists in Antarctica. They released the sounding balloon in the Antarctic area. After reaching a certain height, they found that the balloon was no longer floating upward, but they found that there was a kind of particle radiating outward. So where do these radiating particles end up? Where did it come from? Some scientists speculate that there may be a new world in Antarctica.

In fact, there are many cases on earth that prove the existence of parallel universe, but we can not come up with sufficient evidence to prove this. In the future, with the continuous development of science, we will know more about the universe and believe that these problems can be solved easily. What’s your opinion on this?

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