There is a huge whirlpool on the coast of Somalia. How did it form? Scientists have found the answer

The earth is a beautiful blue planet, how beautiful, in addition to a variety of rich animals and plants, the more important thing is to have a large area of ocean. As we all know, the ocean area on the earth’s surface accounts for 71% of the global area. It’s not too much to call the earth a water ball. Such a large-scale ocean area enriches the life of the earth, and also brings a good ecological environment to the earth.

However, the ocean area is too large, it will also bring some natural disasters to the earth’s ecological environment, such as the harm of typhoon. Due to the huge area of the earth’s oceans, many people have to travel through the sea, and the risk of the ocean is much greater than that of the land. Some unknown typhoons and eddies are things that mariners are very afraid of.

There are also many strange and mysterious areas in the ocean, such as Bermuda, which is known as the devil’s triangle. Today we are going to talk to our friends about another strange place. For more than half a year in this place, a huge vortex appears on the sea surface, with a diameter of 500 km and an area of 275 000 square kilometers.

Many people may say that it’s no surprise that there are vortices in the ocean. In some places, the scale of vortices is larger. But the whirlpool in this place is different from other whirlpools. I believe many friends know a common sense, that is, the whirlpool in the ocean usually collapses in the center, and the surrounding water spins rapidly behind the center.

And this vortex is unique in that its center does not collapse downward, but rises up like a hill, with the center higher than the surrounding, and a large amount of sea water revolves around the hill. Do you think it’s very strange and spectacular? Moreover, this peculiar scene lasts for a very long time. It is usually formed in April every month and will not disappear until November or December, lasting for more than half a year.

Such large eddies make the ocean chaotic. The strong waves and strong currents make the sailors miserable. Ships should keep a high degree of vigilance when sailing in this area. At this time, some people may have a strong interest in this vortex and want to go to explore and observe it. Naturally, researchers also want to go near here to explore and study, but researchers have no courage to go. Why?

Some people may say that scientific researchers are afraid of being involved in this vortex. In fact, it is not. The real reason is that this place is not in an ordinary position. It turns out that this place is located in the waters of Somalia. I believe many people will think of the rampancy of Somali pirates when they hear the word “Somalia”. This place has always been a turning point for maritime travelers.

Naturally, researchers are afraid of this place and dare not venture to set up some monitoring instruments in the ocean. Although the researchers did not go to this area for observation and research, they still thought of a new method to carry out observation and research, which is to analyze and study the satellite data of NASA.

Based on NASA satellite data, scientists have designed and developed a computer tool to visualize the satellite data of Indian ocean current changes. Through the analysis of these data, scientists have found that the reason for the formation of this vortex may be the Rossby wave formed by the southwest monsoon and the rotation of the earth, coupled with the sloping coast of Somalia and the unstable boundary current and many other factors, resulting in a long-lasting and spectacular spectacle.

Through data model analysis, the researchers found that the duration of this large vortex was longer than the original prediction of 140 to 166 days, with an average of 198 days, and the longest one lasted 256 days, that is, more than 8 months. Through the analysis and study of this large eddy, one reason is to find out the cause of its formation, and the other is to track the large eddy and find a way to predict the monsoon, rainfall and other weather phenomena.

If scientists find a way to accurately predict the weather changes on the sea, they can better serve the ship travel. With the progress of human science and technology, the exploration and development of the ocean will be more and more powerful in the future. It is very important to accurately understand the weather changes on the sea if you want to carry out various operations on the sea, so as to effectively avoid the coming weather changes on the sea It’s a risk.

For example, the large vortex here in Somalia has a huge scale and influence area, and it can also affect hundreds of meters under the sea. If such a huge amount of energy is not able to grasp its movement and change, once a ship accidentally passes through here, it will definitely bring disaster. Now researchers only use satellite data to analyze the large vortex.

In the future, we will also go to the waters of Somalia to carry out various exploration and research. Although there are pirates in Somalia, in recent years, the surrounding navies have patrolled and escorted in this area. Compared with the past, this area is much safer. In recent years, Somali pirates have not appeared again. I believe it will gradually become a really safe area in the future. If you want to watch this It’s a spectacular vortex. You can go there, but you must be careful not to get close to it. The power of nature can’t be countered by our small ships.

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