There is a magic scene in the crater of Kilauea, which is about to move. Is this the precursor of a big eruption?

In fact, the earth’s internal environment is very stable all the time. In the active border area of many plates, the frequency of volcanoes and earthquakes is increasing. These large-scale natural disasters also affect human survival, so scientists have been paying attention to the eruption trend of some volcanoes.

Kilauea volcano, located in Hawaii, USA, was once considered to be the largest volcano on the earth and the one that many people fear most. According to the data of scientists, Kilauea volcano has erupted many times in the past 200 years, the last time in 2018. Many people are shocked to see such an eruption frequency. This volcano is a hidden danger on the earth. However, according to the research of American scientists, these are only small-scale eruptions.

Kilauea Volcano

A scene above

Scientists have been monitoring the movement of Kilauea volcano for a long time. Just some time ago, scientists found that the Kilauea Crater actually appeared an incredible scene. In May this year, scientists found a small lake in the crater. After measuring the lake, they found that its water depth has reached 40 meters. This phenomenon did not shock the scientists. In August this year, they found a wonderful scene. It turned out that there was a bright rainbow above the lake, which means that the water in the lake is rapidly evaporating. And there is only one reason for this phenomenon, that is, Kilauea volcano is ready to move, began to active.

A sign of a volcanic eruption?

Many people are worried after seeing this phenomenon. If this volcano really starts to erupt, it will be a great threat to the earth’s environment. Of course, although there are some terrible changes in the volcano and the evaporation rate of water is also greatly accelerated, it does not mean that the next eruption is coming soon. In order to get an accurate answer, real-time monitoring is necessary.

Since the beginning of this year, scientists have sent a large number of drones into the crater to regularly check the state of the volcano. Although our technology level has been very developed, the monitoring of volcanoes is still a big problem. We can’t accurately predict the time of the eruption, we can only minimize the loss by paying close attention to it.

In fact, in addition to this volcano, there are volcanoes of different sizes all over the world. Just like Yellowstone super volcano in the United States, scientists have never forgotten its existence. It can be said that it is the biggest threat to human survival. If Huangshi volcano erupts, then the harm it brings is indelible. What do you think?

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