There is a major discovery in the bottom of the Gulf of Oman. There is no oxygen free area, and no life can get close to it!

There is a major discovery in the bottom of the Gulf of Oman. There is no oxygen free area, and no life can get close to it!

Oxygen is the basis for the survival of all organisms. Once a organism is deoxidized, it will suffocate and die. If it is in an oxygen rich environment, it will lose its life. Most organisms are in a zone where oxygen is suitable and live healthily. It is the most important resource for the birth of life. Many studies have shown that the first life on earth first appeared in the ocean. How was it born? I don’t know. Scientists suspect that all this is inextricably linked to oxygen.

The importance of oxygen to biology

In the process of research, scientists have made a major discovery that oxygen and water are difficult to mix. The oxygen content in the ocean is quite different from that on land. Even so, there are still diverse organisms in the ocean. When scientists deeply analyzed oxygen, they were surprised to find that oxygen is not as good as they thought. It not only has advantages, but also has a lot of disadvantages. Absorbing excessive oxygen will cause great harm. It is estimated that many people do not realize how serious the harm is. It will make people feel sick and headache in an oxygen rich environment. There is a major discovery in the bottom of the Gulf of Oman. There is no oxygen free area, and no life can get close to it!

At the most serious time, people suffocate and die. Although it sounds confusing, there are real examples on earth. Humans evolved from apes. After a long period of evolution, they gradually shed their hair and retain some important organs. They have lived for millions of years and gradually adapted to the oxygen content. Before the birth of human beings, the earth was indeed in an oxygen enriched environment. The body structure of many organisms is obviously different from that of today. The organisms living in an oxygen enriched environment are obviously different There’s more discomfort, because the absorption of most of the oxygen causes the cells to age faster.

The oxygen content is different in each area

The oxygen content in each region of the earth is also different. For example, the oxygen content in plateau areas is relatively thin, so it is necessary to carry out activities by carrying oxygen delivery devices. There is not much oxygen in the deep sea. When scientists studied the ocean through marine equipment, they found an oxygen free area in the Gulf of Oman. Oxygen free means that there is no oxygen and there is no chance for life. In addition to the more special microorganisms, they have a strong ability to adapt to the environment, even in the extreme environment, they can still survive.

When scientists observed an area, they found that its sea area has reached one square kilometer, and there are a large number of dead corals, which means there is a great crisis here. In the process of survival, these algae will gradually consume oxygen and release a lot of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the root of climate warming, which makes the sea area warmer and creates more favorable conditions for algae growth. It is extremely difficult to find this anaerobic water area, and it may become a normal in the future.

Nowadays, the damage of human activities to the earth has already exceeded expectations. More and more sea areas have lost their vitality due to lack of oxygen and become dead, which is not conducive to the development of biology. In the end, human beings will not have any good results. For the future development of the earth and the continuation of marine life, everyone should pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment. What do you think of scientists What do you think of the contaminated area? You can leave a message for interaction.

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