There is a mysterious figure in Antarctica, which is clearly detected by Google map. It only appears in a few seconds!

There is a mysterious figure in Antarctica, which is clearly detected by Google map. It only appears in a few seconds!

The Mariana Trench is known as a pure land on earth, and even experts have a reverence for it. There are many mysterious areas on the earth. The Mariana Trench only occupies a corner. The north and south poles are worth exploring. The most intuitive change of global warming is the north and south poles, the melting of glaciers and permafrost, the straight-line rise of sea level and so on. These problems are worrying.

Recently, new news has come that Google Maps users have discovered a mysterious creature in the Antarctic region, which has aroused heated discussion. From the surface, it looks like a snowman that everyone is talking about. After this picture was released, some people thought it was a white rock, while others thought it was a living creature. Because of its mysterious appearance, scientists could not determine. There are always some unidentified objects on the earth, whether flying in the sky or running underground, which are highly controversial and relatively rare. There is a mysterious figure in Antarctica, which is clearly detected by Google map. It only appears in a few seconds!

Witnesses saw the mysterious figure with their own eyes

At that time, some witnesses said that the mysterious creature was about 20 meters long, and it could be clearly seen that it was moving, which had certain similarities with human beings. From different perspectives, it is a very rare thing at the edge of the Antarctic mountains. At that time, many timid people thought that it could be an alien? Because what kind of creature on earth can reach 20 meters in length?

In order to get more data, the discoverer used Google maps to make accurate calculations. It stood motionless, like snow covered rocks. Some people concluded that it might be related to the Antarctic environment. In recent years, we have always heard reports about some strange creatures, but in the end, we have found no evidence of real hammers. Once upon a time, traces of the snowman were exposed in the Himalayas, and its footprints, about 12 inches, were found, which aroused people’s doubts. At that time, after the investigation team further studied, there was no news.

What are these mysterious creatures?

In the past history, many people have witnessed the existence of these strange creatures, and there is no specific evidence. It is just like the UFO in the sky. In other words, it leaves no trace. At present, there is no strong evidence to prove that these UFOs and videos are not enough to convince the scientific community, and it is difficult to draw an accurate conclusion. According to the normal trend, if the snowman really exists, it may be scattered in every corner of the earth, or live in some dense areas. Human ability is limited, and there is no way to find their trace.

Times are constantly changing. There are many unsolved mysteries on the earth that science cannot explain clearly. We have already experienced the uncanny workmanship of nature. The earth is very magical. Human beings have studied it for so many years, but they have not studied it thoroughly. Even the mystery of the origin of human beings is under discussion. Only by presenting the most powerful evidence can we prove that the so-called Snowman really exists and everything is possible. What do you think of this mysterious creature discovered by Google maps? You can leave a message for interaction.

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