There is a mysterious force in the universe, which controls the operation of the universe, Einstein has long discovered

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Only with the help of science and technology can we walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, can we know how small the earth is. Before human beings go out of the earth, we mainly explore the mystery of the earth, but when human beings go out of the earth and see another more vast and mysterious world, we also focus on the universe.

However, it is extremely difficult to study and explore the universe. The reason is very simple. The universe is too big for us to imagine, and human beings do not have the technology to carry out interstellar navigation. The area that the detector can explore is limited to the solar system. Even in the solar system, the area that our probes can reach is very limited.

How can we explore the universe without advanced navigation technology? At this time, a powerful artifact appeared, which is the astronomical telescope. Astronomical telescope is an important tool for observing celestial bodies. It is no exaggeration to say that without the birth and development of telescope, there would be no modern astronomy.

With the help of telescopes, the areas we can explore can go out of the solar system, out of the Milky way. With the improvement of telescope performance in various aspects, astronomy is also experiencing a huge leap forward, rapidly promoting human understanding of the universe. At present, most of human knowledge about the universe is obtained through astronomical telescopes.

Through decades of continuous exploration and research, scientists found that there is a mysterious force in the universe, which controls the operation of the universe. I believe many people know that there are countless celestial bodies and galaxies in the vast universe. Through the observation of astronomical telescopes and scaling down the scope, we will find dense bright spots distributed among them. These bright spots are galaxies, and each bright spot has a different number of celestial bodies.

So many celestial bodies and galaxies, however, can maintain a very stable dynamic balance, they will not run around, but in their respective orbits in an orderly manner. Scientists are shocked by this phenomenon of celestial body movement, but at the same time they have a lot of doubts and puzzles. Why can celestial bodies and galaxies in the universe operate stably?

It may be said that this is due to the role of gravity, but this explanation is too general, so how does gravity come from? The world is made up of matter. Behind the movement of anything, it is inseparable from the role of matter. So there are so many celestial bodies in the universe, galaxies can operate stably, there must be a mysterious matter behind it.

This kind of mysterious matter is called dark matter by scientists. Dark matter is a kind of invisible matter that may exist in the universe theoretically. It may be the main component of cosmic matter, but it does not belong to any known matter that constitutes visible celestial bodies.

The phenomena that are suspected to violate Newton’s universal gravitation found in a large number of astronomical observations can be well explained under the premise of assuming the existence of dark matter. Modern astronomy through the movement of celestial bodies, Newton’s universal gravitation phenomenon, gravitational lens effect, the formation of large-scale structure of the universe, microwave background radiation and other observation results show that dark matter may exist in a large number of galaxies, star clusters and the universe, and its mass is far greater than the total mass of all visible celestial bodies in the universe.

Dark matter is smaller than electrons and photons. It has no charge and does not interfere with electrons. It can pass through electromagnetic waves and gravitational fields. It is an important part of the universe. The density of dark matter is very small, but the quantity is huge, so its total mass is very large. Only less than 5% of the total mass of the universe can be seen by human beings, and the rest is dark matter.

Maybe a lot of people think it’s incredible that we can see how little matter can be observed? Although this result is hard for people to accept, the fact may be that the universe is mainly composed of dark matter, so we can’t get the correct answer to many phenomena in the universe, so the universe is very mysterious and powerful.

It is very difficult to get a better answer to find the stable operation of celestial bodies through the visible matter in the universe. We can only explain it in a very general way. But in fact, we all know that it is not qualified to use gravity to explain the fact that numerous celestial bodies in the universe can maintain a very stable situation.

Only when we find the deeper reason behind gravity can we uncover the mystery of the operation of celestial bodies in the universe. Now scientists have put forward dark matter, that most of the matter in the universe is dark matter, it may be the mysterious force behind gravity, dominating the operation of the celestial bodies in the universe.

If we can solve the mystery of dark matter, we may have a comprehensive understanding of the universe. Many people may think that the discovery of dark matter is the credit of modern scientists, but in fact, as early as the time of Einstein, it has been discovered. At that time, Einstein had discovered a mysterious invisible matter in the universe by studying the phenomena of the universe.

I believe many people know that Einstein’s research focus changed greatly in his later years. Many people think that Einstein began to study theology. Many people don’t understand this: Why did Einstein study theology like Newton in his later years? Did they find something?

Einstein’s theology may be different from that of many people. This theology may be to seek and explore the mysterious matter and power in the universe. Maybe in his later years, Einstein knew that there was a lot of dark matter in the universe and wanted to study and explore the role of dark matter in the operation of the universe.

However, Einstein’s manuscript in his later years was burned by himself before his death. We do not know the specific research progress. It is possible that Einstein had discovered something incredible, but he was afraid of causing a huge shock and did not publish it. Instead, he chose to burn the research manuscript.

Of course, the above is just a guess. No one knows what the manuscripts that Einstein burned in his later years are. I believe that the things that such a great scientist chose to burn will not be ordinary things. Although Einstein did not publish the discovery of dark matter, with the progress of science and technology, it was still discovered by us later.

If dark matter is really the most important matter in the universe, it dominates the operation of the universe, then it will be of great significance to human beings. Perhaps by studying and exploring dark matter and finding its mystery, we can realize the rapid shuttle exploration between the stars. You know, the universe is vast. If you want to realize the exploration of the whole universe, the speed of the spaceship is beyond our imagination, and the speed of light is only the speed of the tortoise. Even if you realize the speed of dozens, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of times, you may not be able to travel all over the universe and reach the edge of the universe.

In order to achieve faster and super fast speed, we need a kind of unimaginable powerful energy, which may only be achieved by the dark energy that dominates the operation of the universe. If dark matter exists, there will naturally be dark energy. Scientists speculate that the role of dark energy is no less than that of dark matter. If dark matter constructs the framework of the universe, then dark energy may be the main force behind everything in the universe.

If we master the dark energy, it is equivalent to controlling the whole universe. At that time, maybe we can realize the rapid shuttle between the stars through the dark energy. The universe has no distance in front of us, and we can go wherever we want. Such a dream, I believe everyone hopes to achieve, although it is only a dream, but as long as you work hard, maybe one day can be realized.

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