There is a mysterious passage 600 km above the earth, scientists: from China to the south of the Pacific!

With the progress of the times and the vigorous development of science and technology, there are traces of human exploration on the earth, and human eyes have gradually shifted from the earth to the vast space. The mysterious universe has always been a mystery to us. Even if we can’t find the edge of the universe at present, it doesn’t affect people’s yearning for it. And the unknown universe seems to be there, waiting for everyone, attracting human beings to explore.

It is precisely because of the mystery and unknown of the universe that people’s curiosity about it has always increased. Recently, several researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia discovered that a huge space plasma channel has appeared over 600 kilometers above our earth, and the distance between this channel and our ground is more than twice the distance between our international space station and the ground ! The discoverer of this passage is a top student from the University of Sydney. This student uses three-dimensional drawing technology to visualize it. According to the model, she can understand the location of this cavity space from Tibet to Inner Mongolia in China, and the other end is connected to the southern Pacific Ocean. So why do these channel like substances appear? How did it come into being? What is the function of it?

After the discovery, it was quickly confirmed by scientists that this “channel” really existed and was made up of a large number of plasma. The reason for its formation was that these plasma substances were trapped in the earth’s magnetic field line and could not escape, so they all concentrated in the earth’s cavity space and wandered around. In this closed cavity, the plasma is embedded in a variety of strange shapes. The width of each ion tube is about 8 to 30 kilometers, the most amazing is 10 to 50 kilometers, and its extension length can reach at least hundreds of kilometers, some even thousands of kilometers! Can you imagine that in the outer space of the earth where we live, there is a huge and amazing circle of material floating around it, circling our earth.

According to experts, these substances will not only do no harm to the earth, but also benefit the development of human beings. There is a magnetic field area near our earth, also called magnetosphere, which is equivalent to the protective layer of the earth’s magnetic field. It can reduce the impact of the earth on the solar wind and effectively protect the earth’s ecology. The innermost layer is the ionospheric plasma layer, which is very helpful for us to monitor the weather. Through advanced radio telescopes, experts from the University of Sydney found that there are many such plasma channels in the sky around the earth, and more than one! This discovery gives us a new understanding of the mysterious universe.

From this kind of plasma channel, can we imagine that one day, with the development of science and technology and the change of the times, there will be a space channel that allows people to reach a certain place in an instant, which will make people’s travel faster and more convenient?

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