There is a place in China where hundreds of dinosaur eggs, 17000 in total, have been unearthed by building a road at random

In the age far away from us, there lived a group of tyrants – dinosaurs. Most of us probably knew what kind of creatures this was through movies. In Heyuan, Guangdong Province, there is the world’s first abundant dinosaur fossil resources. Known as the “hometown of dinosaurs in China”, it is the main place where dinosaur fossils are unearthed and collected all over the world. Heyuan also has a Guinness world record, with nearly 17000 dinosaur egg fossils, ranking first in the world. Today, dinosaurs are extinct, but can you imagine that Heyuan was a scene in Jurassic Park more than 70 million years ago? Although these former overlords no longer exist, they have left precious fossil resources in Heyuan!

On November 26, 2010, Heyuan Dinosaur Museum, located in Guifeng Park, Binjiang Avenue, south of the city, was officially opened to the public. There are nine exhibition halls from the first floor to the third floor, where you can see all kinds of things related to dinosaurs. Parents can bring their children to learn more and take pictures with their favorite dinosaurs. On the first floor, you can see more than 17000 dinosaur egg fossils, 13 individual dinosaur skeleton fossils and dinosaur footprint fossils, which have won the Guinness world record certificate. Here, you can feel the unique “Trinity” dinosaur fossil resources in Heyuan, worthy of the title of “hometown of dinosaurs in China”! In addition, there are many dinosaur combination model scenes to show you the real posture and sound of dinosaurs.

On March 6, 1996, when four students were playing at the construction site, they found fossil eggs. They thought they were ostrich eggs, but they were later identified as dinosaur eggs. At that time, dozens or even hundreds of dinosaur eggs could be found in the excavation and paving of the construction site. Since the discovery of dinosaur eggs for the first time, the government has issued a notice that all staff of the Municipal Museum have carried out a carpet search operation in the whole city. In order to better find and protect these precious resources, more than 200 dinosaur egg fossils have been collected in just over a week. In the following years, more and more dinosaur egg fossils were found, and many people reported them to the government at the first time. Heyuan also won the title of “hometown of dinosaurs in China” and obtained the certificate of World Guinness record with the largest number of dinosaur egg fossils.

There are not only dinosaur eggs, but also many dinosaur bones and footprints in Heyuan. On July 23, 1999, the first dinosaur skeleton fossil was discovered in Heyuan. Since then, four kinds of dinosaur skeleton fossils have been unearthed. According to the research, this is only a small dinosaur, similar to a big bird. So Heyuan people all hope to discover a large dinosaur. In 2004, a tooth fossil was found at a construction site. According to research, it may belong to Tyrannosaurus Rex. But only one tooth is not enough for the following conclusion, but then we found the skeleton fossils identified as the spine of giant dinosaurs, so there are giant dinosaurs in Heyuan City!

For dinosaur fans, Heyuan is definitely a good place to go, but there is nothing wrong with it.

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