There is a reason for the sudden deceleration of Voyager 1 when the “shield” of the solar system is discovered!

Voyager 1 decelerates inexplicably. Who has hindered it? There may be a mysterious shield in the solar system!

In ancient times, people used to look up at the starry sky. Due to the limitation of science and technology, they could only imagine everything in the starry sky, standing on the ground and watching from a distance. Now it’s not the same. Human science and technology have become more and more powerful. They already have the ability to enter space and start a new journey in space. In order to explore the depths of space, there are not a few probes launched. Among the numerous probes, Voyager 1 is well-known in the world. It is obviously different from other exploration periods. Its main mission is to fly out of the solar system.

Since its launch, Voyager 1 has sent back so many precious data and photos for human beings that scientists are amazed. I don’t know when Voyager 1 was forced to stop. This question aroused people’s reverie. What’s the matter? According to the original plan, Voyager 1 would have approached the solar system in 2015 and reached the exact position. However, it took three years for it to reach that position, which makes people wonder whether there is a mysterious force hindering Voyager 1’s forward speed. If it is true, Voyager 1’s forward speed is getting slower and slower, and it is reasonable to stop. Voyager 1 decelerates inexplicably. Who has hindered it? There may be a mysterious shield in the solar system!

Tesla’s prediction

In view of this situation, Tesla once made a big prediction. In his view, there is a huge energy shield in the huge solar system, and all the stellar matter is surrounded by it. No matter what efforts human beings make, it is impossible to escape from the solar system. Voyager 1 can only fly to the edge of the solar system, and it is impossible to escape at all.

At that time, many people thought that this prediction was absurd without any scientific basis and nonsense. Until now, more and more people began to believe in Tesla’s prediction, which seems to be verified one by one with its prediction. There must be another reason why Voyager 1 was forced to stop. It is not clear whether the solar system’s energy shield will hinder it. Human beings are eager for unremitting exploration of the solar system and even the universe to find more internal secrets.

Is the truth of the prediction reliable?

Many scientists have made predictions in history. These predictions do not appear out of thin air. There must be other reasons. Except for the end of the world in 2012, all the major languages put forward by the Mayan civilization have come true. No matter what prophecy, it should arouse the attention of mankind. Perhaps these are the warnings of scientists to mankind. If mankind always disapproves of it, it will eventually affect the development of human civilization, and mankind may not be able to fly out of the solar system in any way in the future.

Only by focusing on the development of science and technology, and making use of the power of science and technology, can we get infinitely close to this goal, can we have greater possibilities. Some people also express different views. There are many invisible forces in the universe that pull the detectors in flight. It took Voyager 1 three years to arrive at its original position because of the deviation of their flight path. Everything is possible. What do you think is the reason why Voyager 1 was forced to stop? You can leave a message for interaction.

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