There is a special kind of creature in Chernobyl that can convert nuclear radiation into energy

Hundreds of years ago, with the emergence of the steam engine, mankind formally entered the road of scientific and technological development. The rapid development of science and technology also makes people’s living standards higher and higher. At the same time, various kinds of science and technology also make human civilization achieve a leap.

The rapid development of science and technology has indeed brought new opportunities to human civilization, but at the same time, the side effects of science and technology are constantly emerging. In addition to the continuous environmental pollution caused by industrial production, there is also a powerful energy which is also threatening the survival of human beings. This energy is nuclear energy, which we are very familiar with and afraid of.

It was at the end of World War II that mankind first realized the horror of nuclear energy. At that time, the United States took the lead in developing atomic bombs and dropped two of them on Japan.

The tremendous power of nuclear weapons shocked the world. The terrible thing about nuclear weapons is not the power of its explosion at that time, but the long-term nuclear radiation in the later stage. According to the research of scientists, nuclear radiation can last for hundreds of years in a region before returning to normal. Therefore, no one in any nuclear weapon country dares to provoke you. If you are in a hurry, I will give you some nuclear bombs to try.

Of course, nuclear weapons play a more deterrent role, and all countries in the world will not easily use them. Nuclear power should be more used in power generation. Nuclear power station is the largest application industry of nuclear energy. Although nuclear power station can bring a huge amount of power generation to meet people’s daily electricity demand, a problem that can not be ignored in nuclear power station is nuclear radiation.

Even if the relevant defense is well done, the nuclear radiation of the nuclear power plant is still unavoidable, and the nuclear leakage caused by accidents is a more worrying thing for people. I believe many friends will remember that in the 1980s, a major accident occurred at the nuclear reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine under the rule of the Soviet Union, which led to a nuclear leak.

This accident is considered to be the most serious nuclear power accident in human history, and also the first major accident rated as the seventh level event by the international nuclear event classification table. The accident turned Chernobyl into a dead city, and scientists predicted that it would take at least 150 years for the city’s radiation to be diluted. However, only 34 years have passed. On July 21, 2019, the Russian government announced that chernobe would be reopened for tourists to take photos in the future.

What’s going on? Doesn’t it mean that it will take more than 100 years for the nuclear radiation here to be diluted and reopened? Why is it possible to reopen after just over 30 years? What’s going on? In fact, Russia’s announcement of reopening Chernobyl is not an act of risk, but scientists have detected that the nuclear radiation here has been effectively diluted, and there is no great threat.

Under normal circumstances, nuclear radiation can indeed make an area a forbidden area for hundreds of years, but the situation of Chernobyl is far beyond the expectation of scientists. Although this city has become a forbidden area for human beings after the nuclear leakage accident, it has not become a forbidden area for life. There are still a lot of animals here as a home.

Due to the loss of human trace, many animals began to move to Chernobyl. As time went on, it became a paradise for animals. Scientists have found a lot of deer, wolves, squirrels and other wild animals in the radiation area. It is amazing that the lethal radiation to human beings does not seem to pose a threat to these animals.

In addition to these animals that are not afraid of nuclear radiation, scientists have also found a new “colony” in Chernobyl City, an extreme microorganism that can resist radiation and convert radiation into energy.

The scientists sampled these organisms that can do radiation, and found that the fungi of these organisms in the radiation area have undergone some “mutation”. Radiation resistant microorganisms secrete a large amount of melanin in the environment of strong radiation. In addition, they can convert harmful radiation into energy and release it. Scientists have sent this kind of fungi to space for experiments.

This is a major discovery. If we can understand the mechanism of this organism’s absorption of radiation into energy, and develop a special organism, then it will be of great significance to human beings. Especially for space exploration is of great significance, to know that astronauts working in space, the biggest threat is all kinds of radiation in the universe.

If we can solve the problem of radiation in space, then the future of human space exploration will be more smooth sailing. Of course, at present, scientists are only in the initial stage of research on the organism discovered by Chernobyl that can absorb nuclear radiation and transform energy. Whether it can absorb all kinds of radiation in space still needs more exploration and research, hoping to get a good news.

Through the Chernobyl nuclear accident, animals and a variety of biological resistance to nuclear radiation, we can see. Life is indeed the most magical and mysterious thing in the universe. Our understanding of life is still far from enough. At the same time, it also shows that although human beings are the intelligent life of the earth and the overlord of the earth, we are relatively weak in physique.

There are many animals in nature for nuclear radiation resistance and adaptation is very strong, take the wolf this social animals, their anti nuclear radiation ability is very strong. In the Chernobyl area, among the many animals, the number of wolves is very large. In addition to animals, many animals have a strong ability to adapt to nuclear radiation. They can adapt to any circumstances, and have some benign mutation in the area of nuclear radiation to become more powerful life.

Einstein once predicted that if the third world war breaks out, the final outcome may be a nuclear war. Once a nuclear war breaks out, the weak constitution of mankind may end the whole human civilization and disappear in the long history.

Nuclear war may end human beings, but it cannot end all life on earth. After nuclear war, human beings have become the past. However, animals and other creatures will not disappear. Instead, they will become the leading role of the earth. After a long time, the earth will have new intelligent life.

It can be seen that the threat of nuclear radiation to mankind is very great. One way to eliminate this threat is to stop the destruction of all radioactive nuclear energy industries and weapons. Of course, this method is obviously not feasible. Another way is that we can continuously improve the anti radiation ability of human body through the power of science and technology and gene technology.

If human beings have the ability to absorb nuclear radiation and convert it into energy effectively, just like those living in the early days of Chernobyl, then human beings will no longer be afraid of nuclear radiation. Even if there is a nuclear war in the future, human civilization will not end and can start again.

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