There is a “strange phenomenon” in India, and the lake turns red overnight, which is still controversial!

The earth has existed in the universe for 4.7 billion years. On the surface of the earth, the ocean and the land account for different proportions. There are magical natural landscapes in every country. Just some time ago, scientists found that a strange phenomenon happened in India. A lake in the crater of India turned from green to red overnight. Many people were surprised when they saw the photo, which also caused a huge discussion.

The lake turned red overnight

Why does the lake turn red overnight? We can first take a look at the location of the lake. This lake is located in the crater. About 50000 years ago, a meteorite fell from the sky and fell into this area. After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, this crater appeared a lake. This lake is very close to Bombay. Since the news came out, many tourists have come to watch it. We can also see from the satellite photos that once this lake was bright green, but now it has become a dazzling red. It is unexpected that this red lake was formed by meteorites.

Is it caused by the temperature?

Scientists have also studied the lake. In fact, the lake water changes from green to red overnight, but it is not so obvious. Scientists think this may have a lot to do with the temperature this year. Many people say that 2020 is the hottest year in recent years. The temperature at one time only rises but does not drop. As the temperature gets higher and higher, the water level of the lake also begins to drop, which makes the salt content of the lake gradually rise. Such an environment is extremely conducive to the growth of algae. Too much algae bloomed on the surface of the lake, causing large areas of the lake to turn red overnight.

Is it related to garbage pollution?

This conclusion has been accepted by many people. Of course, it is only a guess of scientists. Some people think that it is caused by excessive pollution in India. India really pays too little attention to environmental protection. Tall garbage dumps can be seen everywhere. Some of them are as high as 17 stories. Too much garbage is discharged into the lake, and harmful substances are gathered on the lake surface to form this phenomenon. People are still talking about this lake. However, this lake has not affected human life. Instead, it has become a local landscape, attracting a large number of tourists.

It is not absolutely safe for human beings to live on the earth. Take this lake for example, it is formed by meteorite falling. In the 4.7 billion years of the earth’s existence, there have been large and small meteorite falls. It is very lucky that meteorite falls in no man’s land. If it falls to the place where human beings gather, it will cause great losses to our lives and property.

With the increase of global temperature, there may be more lakes like this. What do you think?

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