There is a “vision” over Australia. The pilot has taken photos. Is Maya’s prediction coming true?

Some mysterious phenomena often occur in the sky. In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, these mysterious phenomena seem to be the precursor of the end. A few days ago, a pilot in Australia captured such a picture with his mobile phone during his flight. After the picture was published on social media, netizens began to talk about it. Netizens said that this is actually the precursor of the end of the world. Maybe what the Mayans said is not a lie. What exactly did the pilot shoot?

Mysterious clouds in the sky

The pilot is from an Australian airline and his daily job is to fly all over Australia. In the course of his work, he found that the visibility in the sky was getting lower and lower. The plane should be very careful when it was descending. Maybe it would be diverted because of the reduced visibility. The picture taken by the pilot is clouds in the high altitude. We can see that a large group of strange clouds appeared in the high altitude several kilometers from the ground, which is really abnormal. These clouds will hinder the pilot’s line of sight and easily cause accidents.

The end of the day?

After seeing these photos, netizens claimed that this may be nature’s punishment for human beings. These clouds are not a good omen, but an ominous omen, which may represent the end of the world. Is the sky vision really related to the end? In fact, this is not the case. If we combine the environmental conditions in Australia during this period, we can get the answer.

The truth

At the end of 2019, a mountain fire in Australia will spread like a prairie fire, causing billions of wild animals to lose their habitat. The whole sky will be covered by thick clouds, just like the doomsday scene in the movie. Although by the beginning of 2020, this mountain fire has been extinguished, but this period of time there is a comeback situation. These photos were taken by the pilot in nearly a month. The huge cloud of smoke in the sky was actually caused by mountain fire.

Many people are shocked when they see these photos. They didn’t expect that the penetration ability of mountain fire is so strong that it even spread to thousands of miles in the air, not to mention the animals and humans on the ground. Since mankind entered the industrial society, the earth’s environment is facing serious changes. With the continuous rise of global temperature, many countries are facing the situation of drought. Under such climate conditions, forest fires appear more and more frequently. In order to survive, local people have to move to other places. Even if we are at the top of the food chain, we are still unable to cope with these natural disasters.

It can be said that the clouds photographed by the pilot also sounded the alarm for human beings. Even if it is thousands of meters high, these disasters can not be avoided, so there are still many difficulties and crises for human beings to survive. If we continue to destroy the environment, how long can we survive?

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