There is always a sense of deja vu in dreams. In fact, we have experienced it in another “reality”!

Dream, we think is the epitome of real life. There is often a saying that we have thoughts in the day and dreams in the night. Many dreams are brought about by our various experiences or strange thinking during the day. Some goals that can not be achieved during the day can be achieved through dreams at night. So we think that our dreams are related to our daytime experiences, and we are not surprised by the contents of dreams.

Why do we always dream, but always forget the content of the dream? This is because we have thousands of dreams every night, so it’s very normal to wake up in the daytime and not remember. However, there are also exceptions, in the light sleep dream, suddenly wake up, or can remember some of the dream behind the content.

Scientists are very interested in dreams. They think dreams are like science fiction movies. Scientists believe that dreams are not only a reflection of our real life, but also a real life. The scene you experience in a dream may be you in another real world.

When we dream at night, whether it’s a nightmare or a good dream, we often feel very real when we wake up. It seems that it really happened, but we forget it after a while. In fact, these images are not really forgotten, but the brain thinks it is unnecessary to take them out, and they stay in the subconscious images of the brain.

If you do the same thing in real life as you do in your dream, you will have a sense of deja vu. At this time, the image in your subconscious mind will be awakened again, so you will think the scene is very familiar.

This feeling is very wonderful. I seem to know this person, but I don’t have any impression. I seem to have been to this place, and I seem to have done this thing. Scientists believe that the whole process does not occur because the brain is in a relaxed state when people fall asleep at night, but that the brain will enter a new world, that is, a parallel world, through dreams.

In this world, we are not limited by the body, we can carry our consciousness through the brain to another world, and we can go in and out at will only by consciousness.

So when we dream, our consciousness has flown to another parallel space, and the dream may be what we experience in that world. Scientists believe that the best explanation for this familiar scene is the existence of parallel space and parallel universe.

Have you ever had such an experience? I have experienced nightmares in my dream. I feel sore after waking up. The scene in my dream seems to have happened in real life. Why?

Scientists offer two explanations. The first explanation is analyzed from the perspective of psychology, saying that it is often caused by human subconsciousness. However, another explanation is that we lead to a parallel world in our dreams. As night falls, we open the door of another world by chance. The reason why we feel pain is that we feel the same in another world.

So, are our dreams really related to parallel space? Scientists say that the development of the human brain is limited. When it does not reach 100% development, the brain cannot bear the blending of our consciousness with the parallel world. This is the reason why we wake up the next day and feel sore all over. It is also the reason why we always forget the content of our dreams.

Perhaps in the future, scientists can understand the meaning of dreams and reach any corner of the universe through consciousness, so as to achieve a deeper understanding of the earth and even the universe.

Do you think dreams will really take us into a new world? Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section!

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