There is an island in the Pacific Ocean with at least 6 million tons of garbage, which is equivalent to five British cities

The earth is a beautiful blue planet. When human beings walk out of the earth, the earth is so beautiful from space. It is the first time that human beings see the panorama of the earth. Compared with other planets in the solar system, you will find that the earth is too beautiful. This is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Originally, we should love and protect our own home, just like our own home. We clean our little home every day.

But for the earth this big home, we have not been well protected, with the beginning of the human industrial revolution, entered the road of scientific and technological development, the demand for resources is increasing, so deforestation, indiscriminate exploitation of resources phenomenon has become a common phenomenon, so the earth’s environment in the continuous destruction of mankind is getting worse and worse.

Let’s take the garbage in our daily life as an example. We usually can’t see the garbage on the street or in the wild. We think that human garbage does not cause much persecution because of the survival of the earth. However, the real situation is that these human garbage does not disappear. Except for a few garbage that disappear through degradation, most of the garbage flows into the ocean and then passes through the sea The current of the ocean finally gathered together to form a huge garbage kingdom.

To the northeast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, there is an island piled up with huge amount of garbage, which has a strong smell. There are at least 6 million tons of garbage piled up here, covering an area of hundreds of square kilometers, which is equivalent to the size of five British cities. The garbage here is mainly made of plastic products, some of which are decomposed or swallowed by marine organisms, but a large number of them are gathered here, and the decomposition process of plastic products is very slow, which may take more than decades.

In September 2017, in order to arouse the world’s attention to environmental protection, a foreign environmental protection organization submitted an application to the United Nations for the establishment of the 196th country on earth, with a very direct Name: “garbage islands Republic”.

And the establishment of this “garbage Republic” is naturally the hand of environmentalists, or a country recognized by the United Nations, also has the national flag, national emblem, currency, stamps and so on! The purpose is to alert the world and attract attention. It is worth mentioning that among the citizens of this garbage Republic is the former vice president of the United States.

Maybe many people think that the garbage of this garbage Republic in the Pacific Ocean will not intersect with us any more. Is this really the case? Of course not. As I said just now, a large amount of garbage on this island has sunk into the bottom of the sea and been eaten by marine organisms. These garbage has gone deep into the deep sea. Scientists have found human plastic products in the deep sea of 10000 meters in the Mariana Trench. It can be seen that human garbage not only pollutes the sea surface and shallow water, but also continues to go deep into the deep sea.

Some of the garbage entering the sea will be swallowed by marine organisms, and it is not easy to digest when it enters the stomach of marine organisms, so it will stay in the stomach of fish for a long time. What’s more, the garbage is full of toxic chemicals and small pieces of plastic, many of which are swallowed by marine fish. These marine fish that swallow garbage will swim to the big eight in all directions, then enter the fishing net, and finally go to the dinner table, and then be eaten by human beings. Do you think this rubbish has something to do with us?

When human garbage fills the ocean, it will eventually return to human food. For example, the viscera of fish and shrimp contain undecomposed garbage, even crustaceans below 8000 meters in the deep sea are no exception. Now many fishermen have found plastic products in the belly of the fish. They are all garbage swallowed by the fish.

Therefore, to protect the ocean and reduce the discharge of garbage into the ocean is a matter that needs to arouse people’s high attention. Otherwise, in the future, the ocean will never be the same as it is now, and it will be full of garbage everywhere, and it will become more and more difficult for us to eat fresh, clean and healthy marine fish. So how to reduce the discharge of garbage to the sea?

First of all, people should have a strong awareness of environmental protection, form a national awareness of “garbage”, use more degradable plastic products, and use cartons and other good recycling and decomposition bags. In fact, it’s very difficult to achieve the national environmental awareness. There are 7 billion people on the earth, and maybe less than one tenth of them have this awareness. Most people don’t care whether plastics are environmentally friendly or not. Moreover, the cost of easily degradable plastic products is relatively high, and it is very easy for people to use them. For example, an ordinary plastic bag costs 10 cents, while an easily degradable plastic bag costs 1 yuan. Which one would you choose? If you pay for it yourself, I think most people will choose it.

Therefore, it is not ideal to rely on the people’s awareness of “garbage” to reduce the effect of garbage discharge. The real means still depends on science and technology. Only when science and technology are developed and equipment and technology that can completely decompose all kinds of garbage can be produced, garbage will no longer exist. For example, the garbage kingdom in the Pacific Ocean has gathered so much garbage. The key is that the garbage decomposition technology of human beings is not very developed, it can not decompose any garbage, and it has not reached the universal application.

Only when this kind of garbage technology is very mature and widely used, for example, every company and every family has this kind of small decomposition equipment. At that time, I believe that people will not dump the garbage directly into the outside dustbin, but will decompose it through the garbage decomposition work. Finally, the decomposed powder will be very easy to handle, and there may be secondary application Yes.

In a truly technologically advanced civilization, there must not be a lot of garbage, because garbage is decomposed once and twice. At this time, even if people do not have environmental awareness, there will be no garbage. There will be no such situation as the garbage kingdom in the Pacific. Although this is the result of the rapid development of human science and technology, in the future, we can also make these garbage disappear completely through science and technology, return the earth to a green environment, and let the sea return to the previous clean.

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