There is another new theory about the origin of the universe. What was it like before the birth of the universe? The answer is fantastic

The Big Bang is a theory about the origin of the universe. It tells us that there is an origin of the universe, that is, the so-called singularity, which is a point with infinite density, infinitesimal volume and infinitely high temperature.

Most scientists believe that in modern scientific theory, the origin of the universe is the big bang theory. According to this theory, the universe was born 13.8 billion years ago, and all matter was concentrated on the singularity of infinitely high temperature and density. One day 13.8 billion years ago, the singularity broke out and space expanded rapidly. At first, only neutrons, protons and neutron particles were in space. When the temperature drops, the elementary particles will form the present universe.

The big bang theory explained by the origin of the universe

In fact, the big bang theory is not just a theory imagined by scientists, but a more reasonable explanation of the origin of the universe found from the evidence. Hubble, a famous American astronomer, discovered in 1929 that all galaxies in the universe have redshift phenomenon, and distant galaxies are rapidly moving away from us, which proves that the universe is expanding, because the universe is constantly expanding, which indicates that the universe that once existed was very small and may begin to exist in a way of singularity.

When the big bang theory was put forward, scientists also believed that: after the big bang, there must be residual radiation temperature in the universe, but this theory has not been confirmed. It was not until the 1960s that American astronomers Penzias and Wilson unexpectedly discovered a kind of radio interference noise. After verification, this kind of radio interference noise is the afterglow of the big bang That is, the temperature of cosmic microwave background radiation is about 3 K, which is basically consistent with the temperature of residual radiation previously thought by the big bang theory. This discovery provides strong support for the big bang theory!

What existed before the big bang?

It’s meaningless about what existed before the big bang, because space and time are produced after the big bang. Time is just the appearance of material movement, which did not exist before the birth of the universe! So we can’t know what was before the big bang!

Although there is a lot of evidence about the big bang theory, but the Big Bang is not a perfect theory, just the most reasonable statement at present! Through further research, there are many views on the origin of the universe.

One possibility is that the universe existed long before the big bang. It’s just that the universe has been shrinking, and then rebounded for some reason, and finally entered the present state, forming our present world. However, according to the current theory, this kind of rebound is against the laws of physics, but after all, there are still many unknowns in the universe. Maybe everything is possible before people fully realize all the truth.

In addition, there is a view that the universe has boundaries, but we human beings live in a three-dimensional world. The existence of the universe may be a higher dimension, which is untouchable to human beings. Therefore, this view holds that the universe has boundaries, but there is no edge. It is in another high latitude.

The views on the origin of the universe have gone beyond our cognitive scope. Now we can only infer its possibility by existing knowledge and fully understand the mystery of the universe. We can only explore it after the further development of science and technology.

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