There is life on earth, which cannot be separated from the four “protectors”, and no one knows the last one

Why is there life on earth? For a long time, the origin of life is a big mystery. At present, the relatively reasonable explanation given by human beings is: because there is a suitable atmosphere, sunlight and liquid water on the earth, there is life. Is that really the case?

The vastness of the universe has aroused countless reveries: does life exist only on the earth? Are humans alone? Are there any other civilizations in the universe that are higher or lower than human beings?

The unmanned outer solar system space probe Voyager 1, developed by NASA, was launched on September 5, 1977. It visited Jupiter and Saturn. On August 25, 2012, it became the first spacecraft to cross the solar circle and enter the interstellar medium. As of October 23, 2019, Voyager 1 is 21.1 billion kilometers away from the sun. To this day, Voyager 1 still has enough energy to support interstellar flight and keep in touch with the earth.

However, in its “Star Trek” of more than 20 billion kilometers, no signs of extraterrestrial life have been found. Assuming that our earth is a special existence, then, apart from the previously mentioned advantages of internal environment, what’s amazing about the earth?

In fact, in the solar system, where human beings have not paid much attention, there are four protectors who have been selflessly dedicating themselves to the earth, silently guarding the earth, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the earth and everything on the earth. It can be said that life would not exist without them.

1、 The nearest patron saint: the earth’s atmosphere

As we all know, the thick atmosphere of the earth envelops the earth, making it warm and comfortable, and blocking or buffering the attacks of asteroids, meteors and meteorites. It can be said that once the atmosphere disappears, the earth’s water will disappear overnight, all life will die out, and the earth will become a dead silence.

2、 The most omnipotent “protector”: the moon

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, which was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. There are many theories about the formation of the moon, but the most supportive hypothesis is “big collision theory”.

In the early stage, the earth was impacted by a Mars sized celestial body “Theia”. The fragments produced by the impact (that is, a part of the silicate mantle of the two celestial bodies) converged around the earth and eventually formed the moon.

How does the moon “protect” the earth?

You can feel it from the craters and dense “scars” on the surface of the moon. The moon is very close to the earth, so it also helps the earth to intercept many celestial body impacts, and also helps the earth to clear its orbit.

The gravitational tidal action of the moon on the earth greatly affects the tide rise and fall of the earth’s oceans. Although the earth’s ocean tides are also related to the sun, the research of scientists shows that the ratio of the tidal force of the moon and the sun on the earth is 11:5, which means that the tidal force of the moon is more than twice that of the sun.

If there is no tide phenomenon, the time of an earth day will be shortened to a few hours, the biological clock will be completely disrupted, and the breeding and existence of life will face severe challenges.

3、 The most righteous Protector: Jupiter

In 1994, the world-famous “comet wood collision” incident still makes people feel uneasy. In more than five days in a row, more than 20 fragments of comet SUMEC levy 9 collided with Jupiter one after another, which was equivalent to the uninterrupted explosion of 2 billion atomic bombs over Jupiter, releasing about 40 trillion tons of energy when “TNT” high explosive exploded.

It can be imagined that if the comet directly hit the earth, the dust of the earth would be a matter of fingers. It is because of Jupiter’s “protection”, which prevented it from rushing to the earth, that the earth is now full of vitality.

4、 The most secret “protector”: the solar heliosphere

The sun is the central body of the solar system and the only star in the solar system, accounting for 99.86% of the total mass of the whole solar system. For the earth, the existence of the sun directly affects the fate of the earth.

Although the sun is 150 million kilometers away from the earth, its protection to the earth is no less than that of the earth’s atmosphere, the moon and Jupiter. It is precisely because the solar wind emitted by the sun forms a huge barrier around the solar system, blocking many cosmic rays, such as gamma rays, that the earth can reproduce so smoothly.

This barrier is named “heliosphere” by scientists. Compared with the previous several, few people know its existence.

Even in the universe, the number of earth like planets is countless, but Xiaobian thinks that the earth is still the unique one, so many “protectors” are protecting the earth all the time, the earth is really very lucky.

Guys, apart from these four earth protectors, what else do you know? Welcome to comment area.

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