There is no lack of water in the universe. Does water mean there is life?

The earth is a planet of life. The birth of earth’s life is closely related to water. Water is the source of life. Without water, there may not be the birth of earth’s life or the birth of human beings.

When human beings go out of the earth, they have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial life, and human beings search for the planet where life may exist. Whether there is water is an important reference. In human consciousness, water is the source of life. If a planet wants to give birth to life, it must be inseparable from water. But more than half a century later, we still have not found any extraterrestrial life.

Maybe many people will say that it’s because there are very few planets with water in the universe. Is that really the case? When human beings have just stepped out of the earth, they may still think so, but with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the detection range is becoming wider and wider, and the detection equipment is constantly updated. Through the exploration of the universe, scientists found that water is not scarce in the universe, and the planets with water are not rare.

At least one third of the super earth discovered by scientists have liquid water, and many planets in the solar system also have water. Of course, if it is not in the habitable zone, water exists in the form of solid. For example, there is a large amount of ice water in Europa, Europa, Ganymede and Neptune. Under these thick ice layers, there may also be a large amount of liquid water. Will there be life on these planets with water?

Does a planet with water represent life? Actually, it’s not. As we said just now, water is ubiquitous in the universe. It’s not only the earth that has water. Many planets have water, especially the earth like planets in the habitable zone. Many of them have liquid water. Although Mars in our solar system is a barren planet, scientists have also found the existence of water on it, but Mars has not found any Martian life.

Out of the solar system, there are more planets with water. Scientists have been looking for earth like planets similar to the earth. It turns out that the number of earth like planets in the Milky Way galaxy is too large to be estimated. Many of them belong to super earth, and one third of these super earths have water. The super earth in the habitable zone basically has atmosphere and liquid water Will there be life on some super earth?

Of course, the answer is not necessarily. Although human beings have no extraterrestrial life up to now, we can not deny the existence of extraterrestrial life. Of course, alien life is not as common as some people think. The universe is vast, with countless galaxies, stars and planets. Although there are many planets, it is not so easy to create life like the earth, especially intelligent life.

There is only one life planet in the solar system, and it is also a civilized planet. Then the galaxies around the solar system do not necessarily have the birth of living planets. It is possible that there is only one intelligent civilization, human beings, in a radius of hundreds of light years. This may also be the reason why human beings have not found any extraterrestrial life so far.

From the perspective of the universe, the number of extraterrestrial life is bound to be large, but their distribution distance may be very far apart. It is not surprising that there is only human intelligence civilization in the galaxy and only earth as a living planet. Even if there is only one civilization in every galaxy like the Milky way, the number of civilizations in the universe is very large.

Of course, with a diameter of 200000 light-years in the Milky way, it would be hard to say that there is only one living planet, earth. However, it is also incorrect to judge whether there is life on a planet by the existence of liquid water. Life on earth and the survival of human beings need water, which does not mean that the survival of extraterrestrial life also needs water.

Water is a useful and essential material for life on earth, but it may be a poison for extraterrestrial life, which is determined by different ecological environment. For example, Titan is a planet full of liquid methane ocean. If life is born on Titan, it must also live in methane, and water may be a deadly poison for them.

The universe is so vast that we can’t imagine that there must be all kinds of strange life. Maybe a lot of extraterrestrial life is beyond our human cognition. Many planets that we don’t think can exist life are born, such as ultra-low temperature planets and ultra-high temperature purgatory planets. In our opinion, it is a very bad planetary environment, which may be a hotbed for extraterrestrial life.

Different planetary environments may give birth to different kinds of life. Water is not a necessary condition for the birth of life, but the life born through water may be close to the life form of the earth. I believe that there may also be extraterrestrial life in the solar system, such as those with underground liquid water. With the current technology of human beings, we can’t explore it in depth, we can only wait for the future technology to go further. I believe that before long, the existence of extraterrestrial life will no longer be a strange thing.

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