There is no launch base on the moon. How does the spacecraft return to earth? You’ll see after reading it

Mankind is a very great race. After its birth millions of years ago, it took only millions of years to form civilization through continuous evolution. But also hundreds of years ago, we entered the era of science and technology. The arrival of the era of science and technology has made human civilization leap again and again. More importantly, we have finally got rid of the shackles of the earth, realized the dream of flying, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

I believe many people know that it is not long for human beings to go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. In 1957, the Soviet Union successfully launched the first man-made satellite into space, marking that human beings can finally go out of the earth and open the chapter of space exploration. Only 62 years ago, after the Soviet Union realized the first man-made satellite into space, it soon realized the first man-made satellite into space.

The continuous feats of the Soviet Union in space exploration stimulated the nerves of the United States. At that time, the United States and the Soviet Union were the two most powerful countries in the world. They were always competing with each other to win the title of world hegemony. When the United States saw that the Soviet Union had accomplished the space feats twice in a row, it was naturally not willing to lag behind. If the United States wanted to focus the attention of the whole world again, it needed to carry out a more sensational space feat.

So the United States put forward the manned lunar landing plan. At that time, human beings had just stepped out of the earth, and space technology was still very backward. At that time, it was a great achievement to be able to send satellites into space, let alone send astronauts to the moon and return to earth safely. This kind of thing is enough to attract people’s attention in 50 years, and more people think that the United States can not accomplish such a space feat.

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 of the United States successfully landed on the moon, realizing the first human landing on the moon. After the successful feat of the United States landing on the moon was sent back to the earth, the whole world was boiling. When the whole world cheered, many people also questioned this, thinking that the U.S. landing on the moon may be just a hoax.

Many people question the reason for landing on the moon, mainly based on some pictures of the moon sent back by Apollo 11, such as why there are no stars behind the astronauts? Why are people and shadows in different positions? Why is the flag on the moon flying in the wind? You know, the moon has no atmosphere, no wind, how can the flag float?

After all, 50 years ago, human cognition of space was basically blank. Now, no one doubts the authenticity of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. In fact, in addition to the above doubts, many people still have a question about this, that is, there is no launch base on the moon, how does the spacecraft return to earth?

I believe many people understand that if space equipment wants to enter space from the earth, it needs the boost of powerful rockets. So on earth, we need a launch base before we can send space equipment into space. And to send Apollo 11 into space, it needs a very powerful rocket boost.

We all know the speed of the first universe and that of the second universe. The speed of the first universe is about 7.9 km / s. when it reaches this speed, it can move around the earth at a constant speed. Most satellites start to work around the earth after reaching the speed of the first universe. The speed of the second universe is the speed Apollo 11 needs to reach when it leaves the earth, which is about 11.2 km / s.

It can be seen that the difficulty and technology of sending Apollo 11 into space from the earth and realizing the second cosmic speed is far from simple as launching a satellite. Since we need a launch base to provide powerful rocket thrust from the earth to the moon, why is there no support from the launch base when we return to the earth from the moon after landing on the moon? Many people are very confused about this, which is one of the reasons why some people doubt that the US lunar landing may be false.

In fact, it’s not difficult to solve this mystery. Apollo 11 is not a whole moon landing spacecraft. It consists of three parts: command module, service module and moon landing module. When the spacecraft reaches the lunar orbit, the completion of the lunar landing is only a lunar module, and the astronauts will also land on the moon with the lunar module.

Some people may say, what should we do when we want to return to the earth after the lunar module lands on the surface of the moon? There is no way for the lunar module to break away from the gravity of the moon without launching booster. In fact, this lunar module is not simple. It is equivalent to a launching device and has a certain launching system.

The mass of the moon is 1 / 81 of that of the earth, so its gravity is only one sixth of that of the earth. In addition, the moon has no atmosphere and will not be affected by atmospheric resistance.

Therefore, it only takes 1.3 kilometers per second for the lunar module to leave the moon. This speed can still be achieved by the launch system of the lunar module itself. When the lunar module breaks away from the moon’s gravity, it will merge with the command module in lunar orbit, then abandon the lunar module, and the astronauts will return to earth with the command module.

It can be seen that 51 years ago, the United States did not dare to carry out manned landing on the moon completely recklessly. It did so only after fully understanding the moon and confirming it through various simulation experiments. If you want to return to earth from Mars, you need the support of a Mars launch site.

Of course, many people still have this question: since 51 years ago, the United States was able to carry out a manned lunar landing, but half a century after the completion of the lunar landing, human beings have not carried out a manned lunar landing. Is the technology now not as good as 50 years ago? In fact, scientists have given an explanation for this problem.

The reason why we don’t carry out manned lunar landing now is not that it can’t be realized, mainly because it’s not worth it. In fact, the moon in the eyes of mankind has no too many secrets, it is very close to the earth, and it only takes less than a week for the probe to go. And relying on the probe can also carry out a more detailed and comprehensive exploration of the moon, there is no need to send people up.

The cost of manned landing on the moon is so huge that even an economic power like the United States can’t afford it. What’s more, we have no ability to exploit the resources on the moon. If we have the technology and ability to exploit the resources on the moon in the future, a new round of manned landing on the moon will be in full swing. At that time, the moon will be very busy, there will be many bases of different sizes, and even a moon city will be built. Many people will move to the moon to live on, and the moon will become the first place for human beings to visit other planets in the near future.

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