There is no oxygen in the universe, but the sun can burn continuously for 5 billion years. What does it rely on?

Why can the sun keep burning for 5 billion years without oxygen? We all underestimated it!

As we all know, space is in a vacuum environment. Every time astronauts enter outer space, they will carry a lot of oxygen. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, it may suffocate directly in space. Every astronaut’s physical quality is very high, wearing bulky spacesuits, the purpose is to resist space radiation, behind them the bitterness is that we can not experience. Oxygen is indispensable to all living things on earth. It can not only be used for breathing, but also has another identity, that is, combustion supporting agent.

Generally speaking, fire combustion needs oxygen. Since oxygen is directly related to fire combustion, why can the sun keep burning in an oxygen free space environment? Scientists have discussed this issue in depth. The burning of the sun we see may be a kind of illusion. Its burning is quite different from that on the earth and belongs to a kind of nuclear fusion. Why can the sun keep burning for 5 billion years without oxygen? We all underestimated it!

What power does the sun burn?

From a scientific point of view, the burning of the sun is actually a kind of energy release, continuous emission of light and heat, mainly because it is carrying out nuclear fusion every minute and every second, relying on its own material to constantly change, so in the process of burning, even if there is no oxygen, it can continue to burn. The surface temperature of the sun is extremely high, and when any object approaches it, it will instantly disappear.

According to scientists’ inference, its internal temperature reaches 15 million degrees, and every second, 600 million tons of hydrogen atoms from the sun will polymerize, releasing energy beyond our estimation. Because of the existence of the sun, the earth gave birth to all things. It is conceivable that once the sun stops burning, the earth may fall into the dark. So far, less than half of the sun has burned, and scientists estimate that it will take about 5 billion years for it to burn out completely.

What is the burning of the sun about?

Long is not long, short is not short. Compared with the life span of human beings, this is a limit value. For long-term consideration, we always pay attention to the changes of the sun. It is closely related to the earth. If the sun really stops burning one day in the future, our descendants will become depressed and the earth will become lifeless because there is no light and heat from the sun. So the sun is the core of the earth. The eight planets in the solar system revolve around the sun all the time. Its importance is self-evident.

Back to the question mentioned before, the reason why the sun can continue to burn in an oxygen free environment is essentially different from that on the earth. Fire combustion generally needs combustion aids, while the sun does not. It only needs nuclear fusion reaction, which can provide the earth with inexhaustible light and heat and supply the growth of all things. Thanks to the existence of the sun, human beings can live carefree on the earth, otherwise human beings can not build such a powerful civilization. What do you know about the sun? You can leave a message for interaction.

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