There is no perpetual motion machine in the world. What force can the earth rely on to rotate for 4.6 billion years?

The earth has been rotating for 4.6 billion years. Is it a perpetual motion machine? Maybe we overestimate it!

Today’s earth is not the same as before, the pollution of the environment, the lack of resources, make the earth full of holes, which are caused by human beings. Everyone is eager to have endless energy, but the reality is cruel, the less these resources are used, and they will soon be exhausted.

When watching science fiction movies, we saw a mysterious design, that is, perpetual motion machine. Like its name, perpetual motion machine has an endless stream of capabilities. As long as it has such a machine, maybe the resources on the earth will be inexhaustible. According to the theory, this kind of perpetual motion machine can’t be made in real life. It’s just like the speed of light. Human beings can’t reach it all the time and can only approach it unlimited. The earth has been rotating for 4.6 billion years. Is it a perpetual motion machine? Maybe we overestimate it!

Conditions for building perpetual motion machine

According to the existing technology of human beings, if we want to build a perpetual motion machine, we need to make more efforts to make the impossible possible. The perpetual motion machine does not need external input of energy, only needs to have the conditions of heat source, so it can continue to do sports. In this huge nature, every machine needs to consume energy to do work, and the perpetual motion machine has already violated the laws of nature. Under the premise of no temperature difference, matter will continue to absorb heat when doing work, so the perpetual motion machine also violates the second law of thermodynamics, and the difficulty coefficient is huge.

Many people don’t think so. In fact, there is a natural perpetual motion machine in our life, which is the earth. Since its birth, the earth has a continuous stream of energy. It has been running around the sun for a long time, and has never stopped. It is like a perpetual motion machine. Later scientists have also learned about the earth, and they also know that the earth’s continuous operation depends on the residual energy of primitive nebulae The energy of the primitive nebula is equivalent to the energy left by the big bang of the universe. The universe was formed in a big bang of singularity, but these residual energy will be consumed one day. Therefore, to be exact, the earth is not a perpetual motion machine in the true sense.

Why can’t the earth be a perpetual motion machine

Not only that, the earth can continue to shake and the core is also related to the earth’s internal core has countless elements, especially radioactive elements, will make the earth produce huge energy, leading to endless movement of geothermal energy. Some scientists predict that in two billion years, perhaps the earth’s core temperature will drop unprecedentedly, and the earth will also be greatly affected. If we say that the earth is a perpetual motion machine, it’s too thoughtless. The earth is very special, it has infinite energy, and we can’t directly say that it’s a perpetual motion machine.

Perpetual motion machine is a kind of thing that can not be realized. It can only be approached without limit. If we want to break through it in the future, unless the level of human science and technology reaches the peak stage. When we can develop the perpetual motion machine one day, all the unsolved mysteries in the universe will be revealed, and we need to work together. Perpetual motion machine is a big goal, which inspires human beings to approach it. Do you think human beings can develop perpetual motion machines in the future? You can leave a message for interaction.

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