There is no water and no oxygen on the moon, but it is “rusting”, scientists are puzzled!

The surface of the moon is getting more and more red, suspected of “rusting”. Why do scientists throw the pot to the earth?

The legend of Chang’e flying to the moon once spread among the people, so that many people simply believe that Chang’e lives on the moon, and countless lives have already been bred on the moon. It was not until human beings had the opportunity to land on the moon that the previous cognition was overturned. The surface of the moon was dead and lifeless, the environment was bad, and the probability of life was too low. So human eyes turned to Mars, trying to find evidence of life on Mars.

However, the latest research shows that the surface of the moon is abnormal, and it has traces of rust. What’s the matter? Scientists have preliminarily determined that the rusting of the moon may be related to the earth. The rusting is very obvious. The moon is redder than before. It may be caused by the earth’s atmosphere. It is reasonable to say that the earth’s atmosphere is not directly related to the moon. Why do you leave all the pots in the atmosphere? The surface of the moon is getting more and more red, suspected of “rusting”. Why do scientists throw the pot to the earth?

Why does the surface of the moon “rust”?

Have you heard of iron oxide? This substance is formed when iron is exposed to water and oxygen for a long time. Rust is a common chemical reaction. The environment of the moon is abominable. It is dry and has no atmosphere, so it is difficult to form rust. In 2008, when the space organization launched moon ship 1, it got relevant data that the two poles of the moon are obviously different from other components. Through the returned images, we can judge the existence of water ice at the two poles of the moon, and find traces of hematite.

Hematite is a special material, it is easy to form iron oxide. If water reacts violently with rocks, it will produce more minerals. What happened to the moon and it will rust? Iron to rust red needs an oxidant, which can remove electrons from iron. Without the protection of the solar wind, the earth’s magnetic field will change.

There are special substances on the moon

There is almost no water on the moon, and most of the hematite is found at the poles. Researchers say that the dust particles moving on the moon will release water molecules from the moon and react with iron to form heat and improve the oxidation rate. This is the impact of the earth on the moon. Although these are only hypotheses put forward by scientists, we have basically guessed the results. There is more or less a certain correlation between the rust on the moon and the earth’s atmosphere, but scientists can not come up with solid evidence.

In recent years, human beings have learned a lot about the moon. The moon is much more complex than we thought. Now we find its vision again. Maybe there are hidden secrets on the moon. These secrets can not be explored in a short time. Unless human beings improve high technology and reach the moon, we can observe the changes of the moon more closely. In the case of science is not yet solid hammer, all belong to speculation, no one can give a definite conclusion. Some people are positive of scientists’ conjecture, while others are against it. Do you think that the rust of the moon is really related to the earth’s atmosphere? You can leave a message for interaction.

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