There is not much time left for human beings. These major problems on earth are “engulfing” human life!

There is not much time left for human beings. These major problems on earth are “engulfing” human life!

From birth, people have to experience birth, aging, illness and death. This is the normal state of human beings, and no one can escape and change it. Everyone should follow the laws of nature. The so-called survival of the fittest is the same with human beings. Although there is a clear distinction between human beings and animals, in a sense, they are the same. The main reason why they have evolved into what they are today is to survive. Although human beings don’t have dinosaur’s huge body and sensitive limbs, they have a unique brain, which is the most precious thing for human beings.

From a macro point of view, human beings use wisdom to create countless civilization achievements, which are the same origin as dinosaurs. They are all products bred on earth. No one wants to follow dinosaurs. Human beings try their best to develop high technology in order to resist these natural disasters and let human civilization continue. Many people’s hearts will inevitably have questions, dinosaurs live 160 million years to extinction, so how long can humans survive on the earth? For the extinction of dinosaurs, human beings have been learning lessons and looking for solutions. There is not much time left for human beings. These major problems on earth are “engulfing” human life!

The contrast between man and dinosaur

Under the support of strength, standing at the top of the food chain, dinosaurs were once the overlord of the earth, but they withdrew from the stage of history due to an accident. There are different opinions in the scientific community. With the study of climate fossils, more and more people find that dinosaur extinction is not only caused by natural causes, but also related to climate. After the asteroid hit the earth, the earth’s environment changed dramatically, which made the originally fragile ecological environment further deteriorate, and the food chain collapsed completely. Only then did dinosaurs disappear in the long history. If this happens to human beings, they may not be spared. In the face of natural disasters, human beings are irresistible.

The mystery of the origin of human beings has been under study. Tens of thousands of years ago, human beings were not only backward in science and technology, but also unable to cope with the emergence of extreme climate. Now it’s not the same. With the help of science and technology, we can not only transform nature, but also adapt to nature. This fear gradually decreases and becomes more powerful. When volcanoes erupt and earthquakes come, human beings have the ability to resist, and make early warning quickly to reduce casualties. Many natural disasters can not be avoided, but human beings can not give up.

Problems that human beings will face in the future

In fact, there is a more terrible disaster than natural disaster. In order to show the comprehensive strength of a country, human beings create nuclear weapons with infinite power. An atomic bomb can destroy countless buildings and kill people. We can’t guarantee that there will not be a terrible war in the future. The emergence of nuclear weapons is like a mine that will detonate at any time. Human beings can’t bear its harm at all. No matter the progress or retrogression of human civilization, we can not resist such forces.

In addition, human beings need to be alert to the development of artificial intelligence. If artificial intelligence is mature enough in the future, it may not be human beings who dominate the earth. From a macro point of view, there will always be a curtain call for mankind. This is an unchangeable reality. What mankind can do now is to vigorously develop science and technology, and continue to carry on the fire of human civilization in this way. How long do you think mankind can survive? You can leave a message for interaction.

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