There is not much time left for human beings. These three problems are becoming more and more serious. Scientists have sounded the alarm!

At the same time, 220 scientists warned that the earth is facing three major problems, and it will be too late to solve them!

Human beings have been living on the earth for hundreds of thousands of years and have a solid foundation. In these long years, human beings have shed a lot of hair and become more humanized from the habit of drinking blood. Humans are very lucky, because the earth has been quietly protecting humans, human power can not compete with dinosaurs. If it were not for the earth, which is quietly sheltering mankind behind its back, it would not have been human today. The earth has continued the kindling of human civilization, and today it has been successful.

With the development of human civilization and the rapid growth of population, the contradiction between human and nature has become increasingly acute. The most alarming thing is the environmental problem, no matter the garbage in life or the atmosphere released during industrial production, it seriously damages the ecological balance of the earth. With the increase of the global population, the land resources become more and more tense, and human beings wantonly ask for the earth’s resources, which makes the earth overburdened. The earth’s carrying capacity is extremely amazing. Some time ago, 220 scientists speculated on the future of the earth, summed up the three major crises that mankind will face in the future, and gave a serious warning. What are the three major crises? At the same time, 220 scientists warned that the earth is facing three major problems, and it will be too late to solve them!

Three crises facing mankind

The first is the rising concentration of carbon dioxide, releasing more and more gases, causing the greenhouse effect, causing global warming, melting of glaciers, melting of permafrost, rising of sea level and so on, which are inevitable disasters. Throughout history, the average temperature of the earth has risen in recent years, and many regions are facing the risk of heat death. If global warming cannot fundamentally solve the problem, this extreme climate will be unbearable to human beings.

The second is ecosystem collapse. The desire of human beings is infinite expansion. The extinction of many creatures is inextricably linked with human beings, such as Stella manatee, North American migratory pigeon and so on. They originally lived carefree on the earth. Since human beings tasted their delicious meat, they began to kill and spread the curtain of hunting, resulting in the collapse of the ecosystem. All animals in nature restrict each other and grow up with each other. Once any species goes extinct, it will make nature suffer great disaster.

Finally, there is a shortage of resources. Over the years, scientists have never forgotten to look for the second earth, because once the second earth is found, human beings can migrate to this planet and have inexhaustible resources. But the reality is cruel, looking for so long, human beings have not found a suitable planet for human migration, so it can be seen that the earth is likely to be the only home for human beings in the future. Some scientists speculate that in the next few decades, many non renewable energy sources will disappear completely. After the energy shortage, the pace of human civilization will be limited.

In contrast, today’s environmental problems have been highly valued by scientists, which seems to echo Hawking’s prediction. According to Hawking, if human beings still go their own way, regardless of the feelings of the earth, the earth’s environment will completely collapse in 2600, and it can’t be reversed. If we don’t want to experience the end of dinosaurs, we should start from now on. What do you think of the three crises analyzed by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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