There is something wrong with the interior of the earth. There are two huge objects. What are they?

There is something wrong with the interior of the earth. There are two huge objects. What are they?

After a long period of evolution and evolution, human beings have finally lived up to the expectations of the public and become the masters of the earth. During this period, they have gone through too many hardships. Fortunately, human beings do not give up and only have what they are now. These difficulties will only make human beings grow faster, promote human survival, and have independent thinking brains and hands to create products. All these are possible but not desirable. Although human beings naturally become the masters of the earth, their understanding of the earth is still obscure. There are too many mysterious places on the earth, and the internal crisis is all around, so human beings can’t get involved. Human beings are integrated with the earth, and many places are restrained by the earth.

The earth can be divided into internal and external parts. Human beings have lived on land for a long time. Land is the most surface of the earth. However, human beings know nothing about the internal environment of the earth. The former Soviet Union once launched a huge project to dig through the earth. At that time, with the concerted efforts of all the people, they dug 12263 meters and were finally forced to give up the project for various reasons. It’s a pity. There is something wrong with the interior of the earth. There are two huge objects. What are they?

What’s inside the earth?

In fact, the Soviet Union has learned that even if it digs further, it will not have a good result. It is very likely that the earth’s interior is hot lava. Once it is released, human beings will suffer. So what’s inside the earth? Since the improvement of science and technology, human beings can finally explore the secrets of the earth’s interior through seismic waves. Seismic waves can accurately transmit the response of the earth’s interior. The deeper the earth is, the weaker the energy of seismic waves is. Some time ago, scientists discovered two strange things inside the earth. What are they?

Using seismic wave to discuss the problem of formula discovery

When the seismic wave enters a certain area, the velocity will slow down obviously. It was not until the progress of science and technology that scientists finally saw what they really looked like. They were mainly located near the equator, with an area of 140000 cubic meters. After in-depth research, scientists found that this structure was not formed congenitally, but was influenced by postnatal changes. Almost 250 million years ago, they appeared on the earth, which was very different from before, probably because of the earth’s plate This is the result of the block movement.

As for the real reasons behind it, it remains to be studied. However, scientists are very worried that it has been around for a long time. There are volcanoes around it, which may be related to human survival. If volcanoes are involved in the earth’s plate movement, a huge disaster will erupt. After such a long time, there is no substantial impact on the earth. It can be seen that the change of the earth is not so big and will not be greatly affected.

The two prominent structures discovered by scientists this time have aroused more people’s deep thinking. In fact, there are too many secrets in the interior of the earth, which are waiting for us to study. It’s much more complicated than we thought. Don’t give up any chance to study the interior of the earth. What do you think is the secret of the earth’s interior? You can leave a message for interaction.

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