There may be 1000 tons of gold in a huge crater. Why don’t we mine it?

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. The early Earth was not as beautiful and perfect as it is now, but a purgatory planet. So how does the earth have a beautiful ecosystem step by step and give birth to life?

Speaking of the earth from birth to the evolution of life planet, there are too many lucky in it. We should know that the solar system is habitable with three earth like planets, and only the earth is a beautiful planet of life. The other two are purgatory world and desert world.

The earth can have such a beautiful ecological environment, water is an important element, followed by a variety of rich heavy elements. Water is the source of life. Without water, life is difficult to be born. Without all the elements needed for life, even with water, life cannot evolve, let alone intelligent life.

So how does the earth’s water and heavy elements come from? In this regard, scientists after continuous research and exploration, put forward a more reliable conjecture, that is, by asteroid and comet impact. You know, the early solar system was very unstable. At that time, celestial collision events often occurred.

After the birth of the earth, the frequency of impact by various asteroids is also very high, and in the process of a large number of impact, comets bring water and life to the earth. Various asteroids and other celestial bodies bring some rich heavy elements to the earth, such as gold.

I believe that everyone is very familiar with gold and likes it very much. Naturally, the price of gold is not cheap. The reason why it has a very high value is that it has a high price. Besides many industries need gold, the most important thing is its rarity. In fact, the gold mines we are able to exploit are relatively small, and the reserves are also very limited.

Perhaps many people will say that the earth’s gold reserves are very scarce, and it is reasonable that it is expensive. So the earth’s gold reserves are really very scarce? Maybe that’s not the case. Let’s take a look at a famous Crater. Although the earth is a living planet, it has suffered a lot of asteroid impacts in billions of years.

At present, there are ten major craters on the earth, some of which were formed tens of millions of years ago, and some of which were formed billions of years ago. For example, the yukatan crater, with a diameter of more than 198 kilometers, was formed 65 million years ago. This time coincides with the extinction time of dinosaurs, so many scientists speculate that it may be formed after the giant asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs hit the earth.

Yucatan crater is not the largest crater on earth. The largest crater is the friedburg crater. It has a diameter of more than 380km and was formed 2.033 billion years ago. It can be said that it is the oldest, largest and most eroded crater in the history of the earth.

If we didn’t observe from high altitude, it’s hard to imagine that this place with a large number of people living in turned out to be a huge crater. For this crater, scientists naturally pay high attention to its research, because it was formed more than 20 years ago. Through it, we can understand the evolution of the early Earth.

Scientists in constant research and exploration, found that the bottom of the friedburg crater is a huge treasure, there may be at least 1000 tons of gold reserves inside. So much gold naturally makes many people very excited and want to exploit it. However, until now, no one has been seen to mine the gold at the bottom of the Friedberg crater. Why?

Why don’t we go to mine the gold here? We need to know that more than 1000 tons of gold is a huge wealth. There are two main reasons why human beings have not mined the gold in this crater. One is that they are afraid that the emergence of a large amount of gold will make the gold market unstable and affect the stability of the global financial market.

The second reason is to protect this huge crater, which is unique on earth. Its age is as long as 2 billion years ago, and it has experienced a long time of 2 billion years. In such a long time, the crater can effectively preserve some historical traces due to its special environment.

Scientists hope to explore this ancient crater through research to uncover some of the mysteries of the earth two billion years ago and two billion years ago. The significance of such research goes far beyond that of destroying craters and mining gold, which is not worth the loss. Therefore, the crater is rated as one of the world heritage sites, and no country is allowed to exploit and sell it without permission.

It seems that many people’s dream of making a fortune from gold has been shattered. In addition to thousands of tons of gold in this crater, isn’t the earth rich in gold reserves? Of course not. In fact, the earth’s gold reserves are far beyond our imagination. In the process of studying the earth’s history, scientists found that there might have been a golden rain on the early Earth.

The gold shower originated from outside the solar system. After entering the solar system, a large number of fragments of celestial bodies carrying gold fell on the earth, forming a spectacular gold meteor shower. Because the earth was just born at that time, it was still in a molten state. After these gold fragments entered the earth, they continuously deposited into the interior of the earth through geological movement.

Scientists speculate that the amount of gold falling on the earth may reach 6 billion tons. I believe everyone will feel incredible after seeing this amount of gold. If they all appear in the market, the price of gold may not be as good as iron. Unfortunately, although we know that there was a huge gold rain on the earth, and there were 6 billion tons of gold on the earth, we can’t mine them now.

The reason is that they are in the interior of the earth, and they are also very deep. I believe many friends know that Kola ultra deep drilling was a grand underground drilling scientific research experiment carried out by Soviet scientists in the last World US Soviet competition. Kola ultra deep drilling experiment has been carried out for more than 20 years, with the deepest reaching 12262 meters.

In this ultra deep drilling experiment, scientists obtained some valuable underground rock data at different depths. For example, a gold layer was found at about 7000 meters, which may be an area formed by gold deposition after the fall of the gold rain in the early stage of the earth.

If 6 billion tons of gold are concentrated at 7000 meters, we need very strong scientific and technological strength to mine. With the present technology of human beings, we can only look at Jin Xingtan. Of course, science and technology are constantly developing. In the future, we are bound to continue to explore the mysteries of the earth’s interior. One day, we will be able to easily enter the earth’s interior and exploit the deep underground resources.

As much as 6 billion tons of gold will come to the world one day. Will gold depreciate to a very low price at that time? The possibility is very small. To know that gold is a very important industrial raw material, many scientific and technological products need gold. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the demand for gold will be increasing in the future.

Although the gold reserves inside the earth are very rich, they may not be able to meet the needs of human development. The conditions for the formation of gold, a precious metal element, are very harsh. It is found that gold can only be formed in the process of supernova explosion. If so, then gold in the universe may also be a relatively scarce element.

From this, we can see that the earth is very lucky. It is not only very lucky to become a life planet and give birth to intelligent life human beings, but also very lucky to attract a lot of resource celestial bodies to collide in the early evolution process of the earth, forming a rich variety of resources stored in the earth, waiting for human exploitation and application.

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