There may be a worldwide crisis next year. This time it’s not a virus, it may be more serious!

This year’s accident has plunged all countries into crisis. Before the end of the first wave of epidemic, who has already given a warning to guard against the emergence of the second wave of epidemic. It is not surprising that many countries have entered a state of emergency. Of course, a series of problems caused by the follow-up are also very many. In this epidemic, many disasters began to appear.

According to the emergency notice issued by the United Nations some time ago, it is very likely that there will be a worldwide disaster crisis on the earth in the future, not a virus, but a famine. In the face of the terrible virus, the rich have paid and made great efforts. The Chinese people have united as one and finally passed the crisis. Although they have not been completely free from the threat of the virus, the situation has obviously eased.

Relevant experts also said that the virus will not disappear forever, but will always accompany us. The director general of the World Food Program says that many countries will suffer from famine after being together. Compared with the virus, famine is particularly terrible, because in the case of excessive hunger, people do not know what terrible things will be done. There is an old Chinese saying that food is the most important thing for the people. Only when they have enough food can they have the strength to work. What else can they do if they can’t even have enough food? Let alone care about other things when the virus is rampant.

In fact, this crisis has something to do with the locust plague in East Africa this year. This locust plague has ravaged many countries, resulting in a large-scale reduction of grain production. In addition, after the arrival of the virus, agricultural production and life can not be carried out normally, which also exacerbates the food crisis. Behind the virus and food crisis, there are a series of international problems. If things are out of control, they will develop in an uncontrollable direction and become more and more terrifying.

Obviously, some developed countries have not paid enough attention to the virus. Many western countries are still playing the international political game under the guise of the virus. They have no idea how terrible things will become in the end. So if the food crisis really appears, what serious impacts will it have?

After the outbreak, from April this year, many countries have introduced relevant policies to restrict food exports, and the United Nations has also issued constant warnings, because the outbreak of the epidemic has had a very serious impact on the world economy and logistics distribution, and there is likely to be a great food crisis in the next few years. In fact, the food crisis does not happen today. Throughout the decades of human development history, although the food has been growing, the population has also been growing.

In fact, these improvements are not obvious. At present, there are two mainstream views: one is that the food crisis will affect China, and the other is that China has a very rich food stock, which will not affect China. In fact, this is not only a matter for China, but also a problem that will cause disaster It’s a global economic crisis. I hope that all countries in the world can really pay attention to this matter, instead of waiting for the uncontrollable situation when human beings have no food to eat. What’s your opinion on this?

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