There may be four levels of civilization in the universe. Human beings are less than one level of civilization, and they are still weak

Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth. It was born millions of years ago. Before the emergence of human beings, the earth has experienced at least five dominant creatures. For example, in the early giant insect era, insects were the dominant creatures on the earth. Later, there appeared dinosaurs at the top of the global food chain. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 160 million years. Unfortunately, the huge disaster caused by asteroid impact 65 million years ago wiped out dinosaurs and 80% of the life on the earth.

It can be said that every era of hegemony ends with the mass extinction event on the earth, and then enters another era, and a new hegemony is born. The earth has gone through a total of five mass extinctions, and there may have been five times of biological dominance. Of course, in front of these rulers of the earth are relying on a strong physique to become overlord.

Only the new overlord born after the extinction of dinosaurs relies on human intelligence. Compared with many animals, human physique has no advantage. However, human finally became the overlord of the earth, that is to say, relying on intelligence, we defeated each challenger and became the new overlord of the new life era. After the birth of mankind, relying on wisdom, it has been developing and becoming stronger step by step.

When human beings enter the road of scientific and technological development, it is really ushered in a new era. Human beings soon realized the dream of flying to the sky, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. Before human beings go out of the earth, we always think that human beings are already very powerful, with advanced technology and powerful weapons. But when we walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, we find how ridiculous our original cognition is.

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, do they think that human beings are the only one in the universe? Is there an alien civilization in the vast universe? Some people may be very narcissistic to say that there is only one civilization in the universe. However, most people are still sober minded, especially scientists are firm supporters of the existence of alien civilization.

Now that alien civilizations exist, how does their strength compare with that of human beings? Scientists believe that human beings are not the most powerful civilization in the universe, nor the weakest civilization. So how to divide the strength of cosmic civilization? At what level are human beings? Scientists divide the civilization of the universe into four levels. The civilization strength of different levels is very different. The higher the level is, the more difficult it is to improve the civilization strength.

First class civilization can be understood as planetary civilization, that is, it mainly depends on the resources of its parent star to develop itself. The standard is to use all the resources and energy on the planet. When a civilization is upgraded to the first level, all the energy resources on the planet can be used, including those in the sky, on land, in the sea and underground.

Judging by this standard, it is obvious that human civilization has not yet reached the first level. Although most of the energy can be used, there are still some energy that can not be applied on a large scale. For example, combustible ice, geothermal energy, volcanic heat, lightning energy, deep underground energy, etc. Therefore, scientists believe that human civilization is about 0.7 level, which is not far from becoming a first-class civilization.

Secondary civilization can be called stellar civilization, which means that all the energy in the parent galaxy can be used, including the rich resources of various planets, asteroids and more important stellar energy.

Take the solar system as an example. When mankind becomes a second-class civilization, all the resources in the solar system can be used by us, including powerful solar energy. We all know that the sun is a huge nuclear fusion energy station, and its huge energy has always made scientists envious. Some scientists speculate that the second-class civilization in the universe can build a huge energy device to surround stars and collect their energy. This kind of energy device is called the Dyson sphere.

After reaching the second level civilization, human beings have the ability to fly at the speed of sublight, which means flying at an infinite speed close to the speed of light. At the same time, human beings will also master the gravity technology. The core power of the spacecraft is controllable nuclear fusion, which is also the main way of energy supply for human beings in the second level civilization. With controllable nuclear fusion, the traditional chemical energy has been eliminated. There is no chemical industry that pollutes the environment on the earth, and all of them are replaced by controllable nuclear fusion. Because there is no pollution source on the earth, things will continue to change and get better.

The second level civilization is already the primary interstellar civilization. It has been able to explore the galaxies near the solar system, and also found some new earth suitable for survival. The human Apocalypse initiated the preliminary interstellar migration. It is possible that humans have also discovered extraterrestrial life and civilization in galaxies near the solar system. Of course, the strength of these civilizations will not exceed level 2.

The third level civilization is already the advanced civilization in the universe and the true galactic civilization. The third level civilization can move freely in the big galaxy. For example, when human beings reach the third level of civilization, the galaxy will be human. We can travel to every corner of the galaxy. Instead of nuclear fusion in the past, energy will adopt more advanced and powerful dark matter energy.

Third level civilization can cross the galaxy, which shows that such civilization has the ability to fly faster than light. If you want to make the spacecraft fly faster than light, you need more powerful energy, and the most powerful energy in the universe should be dark matter. This is a kind of material beyond the current human cognition. They are hidden in the universe and cannot be observed directly.

Moreover, dark matter and dark energy account for more than 90% of the matter and energy in the universe. It can be seen that the real control of the universe is the presence of dark matter and dark energy. As long as this kind of powerful energy, it is possible for the spacecraft to exceed the speed of light. Achieve the goal of crisscross galaxies.

When mankind enters the fourth level civilization, it is possible that it will no longer stay in the solar system, but move towards the center of the galaxy. You should know that near the center of the galaxy is the real energy treasure. There may be countless kinds of civilizations, most of which are third-class civilizations.

The fourth level civilization is a cosmic civilization. Such a civilization can already use all the energy in the universe, and the navigation mode of its spacecraft may be the wormhole proposed in our theory. Only through the wormhole can we quickly reach another space in the universe. Far better than ordinary superluminal flight, only to the fourth level civilization can we really explore and uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe.

The fourth level civilization uses wormholes to shuttle through every corner of the universe, and the resources of the whole universe can be used for it. It is a civilization standing at the top of the pyramid in the universe. Then, after becoming a four level civilization, does it reach the top of civilization strength? Of course not. There is no end to the development of science. The fourth level civilization may just be the top civilization in our universe, only having the power to understand the mystery of the whole universe.

The higher you stand, the smaller you feel. When the fourth level civilization becomes the top civilization of the universe, it understands the ultimate mystery of the universe. At this time, it is not happy for the fourth level civilization, but there will be a new worry, which is the world outside the universe. Modern scientists have put forward the concept of multiverse. They think that the universe is not the only one, but there is more vast and mysterious space outside the universe.

If the multiverse is real, then when we become the fourth level civilization and have the strength to go out of this universe, it may be another beginning of exploration.

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