There may be four reasons why human beings can’t find alien civilization. The last one worries people

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will think of the same question: is there any alien civilization in the vast universe? In order to find the answer to this question, scientists started a great exploration project in the 1960s: “SETI”, the goal of this project is to find the traces of the existence of alien civilization or find the real alien civilization and get in touch.

In order to explore and search for extraterrestrial civilization, scientists have made efforts for more than half a century through various methods, but up to now, we still have not found any extraterrestrial civilization in the universe. Therefore, some pessimists believe that the emergence of higher life like human beings on the earth may be just a coincidence, and there may be only one intelligent civilization like human beings in the universe.

Of course, only a few people hold a negative and skeptical attitude towards the existence of alien civilization. Most people still insist that alien civilization exists. There are six reasons why we can’t find it. The last one worries people.

1、 There are two ways for human beings to search for alien civilization. One is to send Voyager probe to fly out of the solar system. Scientists expect Voyager to be captured by alien civilization after flying out of the solar system, and then know the coordinates of the earth and the existence of human beings through the disk carried by the probe, and then mainly search for human beings Come to earth and make contact with people.

Another way is to search for possible signals of alien civilization in the universe. In the view of scientists, if an alien civilization has become an interstellar civilization, it must be inseparable from powerful radio communication, Some radio signals may be widely spread in the universe. If the transmission direction is the solar system, it may be received by human radio telescopes, and then cracked to determine the existence of alien civilization.

So are the above two methods really promising to discover alien civilization? Perhaps the hope is very slim. The first method has basically failed after scientists later determined that the range of the solar system is far beyond the range determined in the past. According to scientists’ new criteria for the range of the solar system, taking the Oort nebula as the boundary, the diameter of the solar system will reach about 2 light-years. With the speed of Voyager, it may take tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system.

The second is to search for possible alien civilization signals, and then crack them. First of all, it is a big question whether we can search for and receive signals from alien civilizations with human technology. Even if we are lucky enough to receive such mysterious signals, can we decipher them with human radio technology? It’s also very unlikely.

We need to know that the scientific and technological development mode and direction of alien civilization and human civilization may be completely different. The language and radio technology of alien civilization may be completely different from that of human civilization. Can two completely different radio modes crack each other? It may be very difficult. We don’t know the language of alien civilization at all, and we don’t know their radio mode. It may be tens of millions of times more difficult to crack than to look for a needle in a haystack.

2、 The scope we can detect is too small. One of the important reasons why human beings can’t find alien civilization is that our technology is relatively backward and we can’t go out of the solar system to explore a wider range. Some people may say that the range of the observable universe has reached 93 billion light-years, which is still small?

In fact, the range of tens of billions of light-years that can be observed by human beings is only the detection range of some super objects by astronomical telescopes, such as quasars, whose diameter may reach hundreds of millions of light-years. Because there is a supermassive black hole in its center, such objects are extremely bright, and the wireless pulse signal can travel tens of billions of light-years away, so we can observe tens of billions of light-years Light years away.

However, being able to observe the distant stars does not mean that we can observe the existence of a certain planet or an alien civilization. Let’s not say it’s too far away. Even the Bilin galaxy, the neighbor of the solar system, is only 4.2 light-years away from the earth. If Bilin has an alien civilization, can we observe it? The answer is No.

At present, people can’t observe celestial bodies without the reflection of stellar light source. It’s rather vague to determine whether there are celestial bodies here by the changes of celestial bodies passing through stars and the brightness of stars. Although we can determine the existence of celestial bodies around it by the changes of stars, we can’t observe the specific situation of this celestial body. Only the detector can really reach the target galaxy Only then can we see.

3、 Due to the limitation of space and the speed of light, in the vast universe, the speed of light and the light year are the basic units, while the distance between galaxies is measured in light years, ranging from a few light years to several hundred or several thousand light years. If you want to reach such a long distance, you must have a super fast speed, and this speed must at least be infinitely close to the speed of light. If it is farther away, it is impossible to reach without the ability to fly faster than light.

However, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. The vast space with light years as the unit, coupled with a speed limit of light, restricts the communication between civilizations. Even if we can confirm that there is an alien civilization on a planet hundreds of light years away, it is impossible for human science and technology to reach it.

In the same way, the same is true of alien civilizations. They may also be limited by the speed of space and light. They know that there may be a civilized planet in the solar system, but they just can’t reach it. If we want to achieve the communication between civilizations, we can only do it by breaking the speed limit of light, but it will take a long time and more efforts to achieve this goal.

4、 Human beings can’t receive the signal of alien civilization at all. Among the many methods of searching for alien civilization, the highest expectation is through the radio signal. Because the speed of radio wave signal is the speed of light, it can transmit very long distance. But with the progress of human science and technology, more and more people think that human beings may not receive the signal of alien civilization at all. Why?

Through research, scientists have found that wireless signal is a relatively low-level signal transmission mode in the universe. Its transmission in a planet may be very fast and high-level, but in the universe, this signal transmission mode is very backward and low-level. First of all, its speed is only the speed of light, far less than the signal communication between the universe.

Some people may think that the speed of light signal has spread very fast, but once you look at the whole universe, you will find that the speed of light wireless transmission is too slow. If the spaceship encounters difficulties and troubles in the space, it needs the help of the parent star, and the position of the spaceship is tens of light years away from the parent star. If the speed of light signal is transmitted, it will take decades to reach the parent star.

If the interstellar spaceship can not be rescued from danger in a long time, it can be seen that the interstellar civilization must have a more advanced wireless communication mode, which is far faster than the speed of light. For example, quantum communication, which scientists have been studying and exploring, is faster than the speed of light.

The speed of light radio communication and the more advanced superluminal interstellar communication are two completely different ways of signal transmission. If the alien civilization sends out a more advanced signal mode, it is impossible to receive such a signal with the present radio signal technology of human beings. Therefore, human beings may never receive the signals of alien civilization, unless we can develop more advanced superluminal communication signals.

In any case, there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization in the vast universe. The core reason why human beings can not find alien civilization is that human science and technology are not developed enough. When we become an interstellar civilization one day and can go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies, maybe the existence of alien civilization will no longer be a secret. At that time, maybe we have no idea about alien civilization More curious. Because as long as we go out, we will know how huge the universe is, and that intelligent life is not particularly rare in the universe, but universal.

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