There may be four strange celestial bodies in the universe, each of which will subvert human cognition

No one knows how big the universe is, but we know that the universe is composed of countless kinds of celestial bodies, including stars, planets, etc. in addition to these common celestial bodies, there are also some special mysterious celestial bodies in the universe, such as neutron stars, pulses, black holes, etc. These celestial bodies have been observed and found by scientists, and their existence has been confirmed.

In addition to these confirmed celestial bodies, scientists speculate that there may be four very strange celestial bodies in the universe, each of which will subvert human cognition. How many kinds of celestial bodies exist in the vast universe? I believe no one can make it clear that the celestial bodies observed by human beings are just the tip of the iceberg. So what are the four strange celestial bodies? Let’s follow a series to understand.

The first kind, ring planets, as we all know, is that the celestial bodies we know now, whether stars, planets or other asteroids, are all spheres. The reason why the celestial body is spherical is because of the universal gravitation. Under the action of gravitation, the matter in the early universe will basically aggregate into a sphere when it forms the celestial body.

However, the size of the universe does not mean that there are no other shapes of celestial bodies. Scientists speculate that there may be a kind of ring planet in the universe. This kind of planet is not a sphere, its shape is like a bracelet, the middle is hollow, forming a flat ring. This kind of ring planet does not violate the laws of physics, that is to say, it can exist in theory.

However, until now, scientists have not found this kind of ring planet in the universe. It may only exist in theory. Of course, there may be such a special planet in places that human beings have not observed. If there is a ring planet in the universe, the stability of this kind of planet is not as good as that of a spherical planet, and life on such a planet will feel very uncomfortable.

The second kind is satellite. Many celestial bodies in the universe have satellites. For example, the earth has a moon, and Jupiter and Saturn have many satellites. Although some planets have many satellites, they all move around the main planet. Will there be such a scene in the universe: one satellite moves around the planet, and another satellite moves around the satellite?

Maybe a lot of people will think that such a planetary system will exist? Does the satellite move around the satellite? Will the planet agree? From the perspective of astrophysics, this kind of satellite motion around the satellite is also possible. It does not violate the laws of physics, but in the real universe, scientists have not yet found such a system.

Even if such a satellite moves around a satellite in the universe, it must also need very special conditions. Scientists believe that even if such a planetary system exists, it will only appear at the edge of some galaxies, and the region near the main star will not appear. This is because, the closer to the main star, the greater the influence of stellar gravity. Such a satellite must be affected by the gravity of both the star and the planet. It can only move around the planet, and can not betray the planet to move around other satellites.

The edge of galaxy is different. The edge of gay galaxy is in the place where the influence of stellar gravity is the weakest. The celestial bodies there often form their own style. The influence of stellar gravity will be much smaller when the sky is high and far away. In this case, the edge of the galaxy often forms its own small groups, and it is possible to have a special case of satellite loop and satellite motion.

The third is the existence of the ninth largest planet in the solar system. The solar system used to have nine planets, but later it was found that Pluto was too small, just a dwarf planet, so scientists kicked it out of the planetary family. So far, there are only eight planets in the solar system. All along, many people hope that the solar system can return to the nine planets again.

If we want the solar system to become nine planets again, we need to find another planet. In recent years, scientists have found that the trajectory of some small objects in the Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system is abnormal, which violates the law of celestial body movement. The reason for this situation is that there is a huge planet on the edge of the solar system that has not been found by human beings. It is the gravity of this big planet that affects the trajectory of these small objects.

Scientists speculate that the mass of this planet may be very large, about 10 times that of the earth. It is a super earth, and its cycle is very long, reaching 10000-20000 years. Although scientists theoretically speculate that the ninth planet may exist, it is very difficult to find it at the edge of the dark solar system, unless there are specific spatial coordinates.

At present, some scientists have begun to search for this planet through astronomical telescopes, hoping to find it in the future. Once it is found, the solar system will return to the nine planets again.

The fourth is the existence of white holes. There are many mysterious celestial bodies in the universe, among which black holes are the most mysterious and powerful. Its super strong gravity can devour all the matter entering its horizon, and even light cannot escape. At present, scientists know very little about black holes. They only know that they have super phagocytic power, even stars can phagocytize them.

Scientists have always wanted to understand the essence of black holes and what kind of existence they are. However, with human science and technology, it may be very far away to really explore and understand black holes. Although we can’t really get close to the black hole to study and explore, scientists still make some conjectures about the possible situation of the black hole.

Some scientists believe that since there is a black hole, there may also be a white hole. On the other side of the black hole, the black hole devours matter and the white hole spits out matter. If the white hole really exists on the other side of the black hole, then the black hole may be a wormhole, connecting two spaces in the universe. Through it, space hopping can be easily realized. This is the interstellar voyage that human beings dream of.

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