There may be three typhoons in July, two of which may land in China. What happened this year?

Since 2020, the global climate environment seems to have reached a more severe point. Some time ago, a high temperature of 38 degrees occurred in Siberia, breaking the record for the highest temperature ever. Since June, the rainstorm in southern China has continued, and the national rainstorm warning has been issued for one month in a row. In a recent study, experts pointed out that there may be three typhoons in the world in July, and two typhoons may land in China.

forecasting by experts

July is an active season for typhoons

Although it is July now, as of June, two typhoons have formed in the Pacific region, which seems to be inconsistent with the formation of typhoons. This year’s typhoon really came a little late. Scientists believe that the typhoon delay may be due to the combined action of El Nino and subtropical high in the first half of the year. According to the current forecast, July is the season of frequent typhoons, so more active typhoons may appear.

At present, the three typhoons are likely to occur near the Northwest Pacific, and two typhoons may land in the coastal areas of South China. Although July is the active period of typhoons, the causes of typhoons are accidental, and human beings can not intervene. Therefore, it can only be said that the possibility of typhoons in July is relatively high. Now the rainstorm situation in China is still severe. If another typhoon breaks out in July, it will be a severe test for China.

Global warming is a vicious circle

Although this summer is a little late, we can clearly feel that the temperature this year is higher than in previous years. China’s first high-temperature city actually appeared in the north, which is unprecedented. The rise of global temperature causes many extreme weather. The rise of sea level temperature will change the direction of atmospheric circulation, so El Nino phenomenon appears. The heavy rainfall in China is closely related to it.

It is said that the global climate environment has reached the “critical point”, and this “critical point” has been triggered. The rising global temperature has caused the glacier area to melt. Some time ago, the glacier in Alaska suddenly collapsed and melted into the water. If all the glaciers on the earth melt, a lot of methane will be released, which will aggravate global warming and enter a vicious circle. In the final analysis, global warming is closely related to human behavior. Therefore, when the “critical point” of climate and environment is triggered, human beings should reflect on their own behavior.

Experts predict that 2020 will be the hottest year in history. The global warming situation will be severe. The next two or three decades will be a very critical period. If the situation is not controlled, it will lead to a series of ecological problems and even food crisis. What should people do at that time? What do you think of these situations? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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