There may be time and space cracks in the dark of the universe, through which space shuttle or time travel may be realized

In recent years, there is a cross wind in network novels, and a large number of cross novels appear constantly. The protagonists cross different time and space, cross back to the past, cross into parallel space, and start a brilliant life. Many friends also like to read this kind of time travel novels. The emergence of a large number of time travel novels makes time travel a hot topic again.

So time travel, time travel in reality is really possible? In fact, after Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, it has been an eternal topic in the scientific community. For many people, time travel and travel through time and space only exist in imagination and literary works, but scientists don’t think so.

Einstein did not give a negative attitude to time travel, but actively explored in his later years. I believe many people know that Einstein burned his notes in his later years before he died. Some people think that these burned notes may be related to the shuttle of time and space. It’s possible that Einstein made a major breakthrough in this field in his later years. He just worried about the terrible butterfly effect on human beings, so he burned them.

Although space-time travel is only a matter of scientists’ theoretical conjecture, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the research and exploration of it are also in-depth. However, the time travel of scientists’ research and exploration is different from the time travel and time travel in novels. In the cognition of scientists, it seems to be a fantasy to travel through time and space to different time lines or even to another parallel universe. But if it is a space-time shuttle in the form of space jump, it may be real.

I believe many people know that the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it. If human beings want to explore the galaxy or even the whole universe, the speed of spaceship is beyond our imagination, which can’t be described simply as superluminal speed. Ordinary superluminal flight, we can freely explore the galaxy, but if you want to explore the whole universe, it is not a simple superluminal flight.

We need to know that with the current technology of human beings, the observable range has reached 93 billion light-years, and this range may only be the tip of the iceberg in the vast universe. If you want to explore the whole universe, you may not be able to achieve 10000 times light speed or 100 million times light speed. At this time, scientists came up with a conjectured speed mode, which is wormhole shuttle.

The direction of scientists’ active research and exploration is also similar to wormhole shuttle, which can make spacecraft quickly shuttle from one galaxy to another, realizing the rapid interstellar jump. So does this kind of interstellar navigation mode really exist? Probability exists. Otherwise, the significance of the existence of the universe and human beings will be lost.

Although space-time shuttle is still in the theoretical conjecture, scientists have found some clues in the universe through continuous observation and research. For example, scientists have found that there may be cracks in space-time in the dark of the universe. Behind these space-time cracks may be space channels like wormholes.

In the eyes of many people, our universe is smooth and calm, but when we enlarge the universe many times, you will find that there are many cracks in this seemingly smooth and stable cosmic membrane. These cracks are space cracks. If these cracks can be widened, they may form wormholes.

Under the guidance of Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of a body with a stationary mass can only approach the speed of light infinitely, but cannot reach or surpass the speed of light. This is the limit theory of the speed of light under the existing human physical system. Is the speed of light really the limit speed in the universe? Of course not. Scientists have observed and found a lot of superluminal phenomena in the universe. For example, particles near pulsars and black holes can sometimes travel at superluminal speed, and the expansion speed of the universe also exceeds the speed of light.

How do these superluminal phenomena happen in the universe? Is the theory of light speed limit of objects in relativity wrong? In fact, there is nothing wrong with the theory of relativity. The ultimate speed of an object is indeed the speed of light. The reason why superluminal phenomena occur in the universe is that the object uses the power of space to compress and expand space beyond the speed of light, thus driving particles to realize the superluminal shuttle.

Space and time are the most mysterious things formed after the birth of the universe. There is no upper limit on the speed of space. As long as conditions permit, space can instantly let an object from one end of the universe to the other end, which is beyond the mystery and power of space. The movement of space is realized by compression and expansion. The powerful compression and expansion of space may open the space-time crack, so that objects can quickly reach the depth of the universe through the crack.

The superluminal particles observed by scientists around pulsars and black holes may be that the space around these two kinds of objects is very distorted, thus opening the space crack, which is also called wormhole. The particles shuttle through the wormhole, thus realizing the superluminal flight.

More and more scientists in the scientific community begin to recognize the existence of space cracks and the possibility of wormholes. Of course, it will take a long time to break the space and form wormholes with the power of human science and technology. But it’s relatively easy to find wormholes that naturally exist in the universe.

As long as we can develop a device to explore wormholes, it is possible to explore all kinds of natural wormholes in the universe, through which we can quickly travel through time and space and reach different galaxies. If humans do, even if our spaceship speed does not get a qualitative improvement, we can also explore different galaxies like the interstellar civilization.

Of course, the above understanding of space-time cracks and wormholes is still our guess. Even if space-time cracks and wormholes really exist in the universe, it is still unknown where they will go through them. It is possible that the wormhole is just a simple space passage through which different galaxies can travel quickly.

It is also possible that space-time cracks and wormholes connect not our simple space channel, but a time channel, through which we shuttle different time lines. Before we get accurate information, all of these are just conjectures. Behind the cracks in time and space and wormholes, everything is possible.

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