There should have been three earths in the solar system. Now there is only one left. Where are the other two?

There should have been three earths in the solar system. Now there is only one left. Where are the other two?

The moment you walk out of the earth, the universe is boundless and endless. Seeing the vast universe, human beings finally know how small they are. Among the known stars, only the earth has given birth to countless lives. It has all the conditions for the birth of life. Mild environment, sunlight, water and other resources promote the growth of all things. Because of the emergence of life, the earth has become full of vitality. Since ancient times, human beings have a strong curiosity about the universe.

Three earths in the solar system

Since the advancement of science and technology, scientists have never stopped studying the universe. After landing on Mars and the moon with the power of science and technology, nothing was found, no trace of life was found, and the veil of mystery was once again painted. If human beings are really the only living beings in the universe, wouldn’t they be a little lonely. When scientists are studying, they also find an interesting anecdote. There might have been three earths in the solar system 4.1 billion years ago, so which three? In addition to the earth where human beings live, there are also Venus and Mars, which is beyond our understanding. Why is Mars and Venus also the earth? There should have been three earths in the solar system. Now there is only one left. Where are the other two?

Why Venus and Mars were eliminated

In these decades, human beings have launched probes into outer space countless times, trying to find traces of alien civilization. When we explored Mars and the moon, we learned that their internal environment was extremely harsh. Take Venus for example, its surface temperature can reach 400 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the temperature that people bear. Once any object touches, it will go up and go out at any time. Strangely enough, scientists found traces of oxygen on both planets.

It can be seen that life may have existed on both Venus and Mars before that. What kind of fortune did they experience before that? Scientists have found traces of rain and iron ore on Mars. It is understood that Mars had a star collision event before. It is very likely that the collision of stars led to the gradual disappearance of Mars’s magnetic field and gradually changed everything. The magnetic field is extremely important.

Since the absence of the magnetic field, the environment on Mars has changed dramatically. Maybe liquid water appeared earlier on Mars than on earth, but it’s a pity that it’s more difficult for human beings to develop Mars into a second earth than to go to heaven. In contrast to Mars, its environment is not bad in principle, and it is completely suitable for life. However, there is a large amount of carbon dioxide in Venus, which aggravates the greenhouse effect and gradually forms a dead cycle. The temperature can reach 460 degrees, which is beyond the range of life. If it can be farther away from the sun, it may have a chance to become a second home for mankind.

Compared with Venus and Mars, the earth is very lucky, it has a unique geographical location, but also has a variety of rich resources, to provide sufficient conditions for the birth of life. But now, because of human behavior, the earth is full of holes. It’s time for human to pay attention to it. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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