There should have been three earths in the solar system. Now there is only one. Where are the other two?

There should have been three earths in the solar system. Now there is only one. Where are the other two?

How was the universe born? The most convincing argument is undoubtedly the singularity big bang 13.7 billion years ago. After that big bang, the universe expanded rapidly, expanding faster and faster, and even the fastest speed of light in the world could not be reached. Until the energy of the universe gradually stabilized, all kinds of celestial bodies were formed. Each star has its own mode of operation and cycle, and they are all important objects in the universe It’s about composition.

Human beings and the vast majority of animals and plants live in the solar system, and the earth revolves around the sun all the time. With the sun, human beings can enjoy the sunshine. According to the inference of scientists, after the birth of the solar system, there are hundreds of planets around the sun, and as time goes by, a comfortable earth will be born. Because the planets will also collide with each other, the earth has a unique geographical position, fortunately survived. There should have been three earths in the solar system. Now there is only one. Where are the other two?

At that time, there were two other planets highly similar to the earth’s environment, namely Mars and Venus, both known as the twin brothers of the earth. It is said that they not only have a strong gravitational field, but also rich in liquid water, atmosphere and so on. Not surprisingly, life existed on Venus and Mars, but they did not know why and went to extinction. So why are Mars and Venus eliminated?

What’s the reason Mars was eliminated?

In principle, Mars’s magnetic field is not suitable for the birth of life. Its magnetic field is much more than that of the earth. When the sun’s wind directly enters the surface of Mars, the atmosphere on Mars will gradually disappear. When the pressure drops, it will also change and become invisible water vapor. Even if there is a large amount of liquid water on its surface, it can’t be drunk directly. For all life, water is an indispensable resource, if not even water How can life be born on this planet? It also has many places similar to the earth, both north and south poles, and a lot of solid ice, so scientists agree that there was a lot of life on Mars.

What’s the reason for Venus’ elimination?

Compared with Venus, the environment of Venus is even worse. Its atmospheric composition is quite different from that of Mars. Most of it is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is not a favorable material. It has two extremes with oxygen. The surface of Venus is completely covered by carbon dioxide, which makes it impossible for light to penetrate into it. It is a big problem for human beings to observe Venus. According to the survey, the surface temperature of Venus has reached 462 degrees centigrade, and the boiling point of water is only 100 degrees centigrade. More than 400 degrees have already exceeded the range that human beings can bear, so it is reasonable to be eliminated.

They once had a great possibility to become the earth of human beings, but unfortunately there are many disadvantages, which have not been recognized by human beings. If human beings lived on Mars and Venus, they might not have such a long history and would have been extinct for a long time. For any living creature, the living environment is the most important. Once the environment is not suitable and there are not enough resources, they will be extinct anytime, anywhere. What do you know about Venus and Mars? You can leave a message for interaction.

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