There was a catastrophe war in the solar system, countless civilizations were destroyed, and there were few 100 planets left

Today’s solar system is a collection of stars. Centered on the sun, eight planets move around it, including many other celestial bodies, such as satellites, asteroids and meteorites. Some celestial bodies are visible to the naked eye, such as the sun, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The rest can only be observed through telescopes, but I don’t know that the solar system to which the earth belongs once broke out a war of havoc, in which countless civilizations were destroyed, and there are few 100 planets left.

Speaking of the birth of the solar system, we should talk about a gravitational collapse of a giant molecular cloud 4.6 billion years ago, which led to the birth of the solar nebula. Its internal clouds compressed and formed the rudiment of the solar system. The star sun gradually formed and nuclear fusion energy began to supply energy. However, due to the gravitational collapse, there were more than 100 asteroids in the solar system at that time moving around the sun.

Many of these asteroids are located at a moderate distance from the sun and have a stable environment. Therefore, scientists estimate that one or more earth like asteroids existed in the solar system at that time, and it is very likely that there was water on its surface, that is to say, there were organisms. According to current research, fossil remains of biological skeleton have been found on the surface of Venus and Mars. That’s a problem Yes, there are not so many planets in our solar system. Where have these asteroids gone? If there are creatures, where are they?

This can be traced back to 4.5 billion years ago. Due to the large number of newborn planets and too dense orbits, there was a star war between the stars. Just like human cells, the stronger the stronger, the more they devoured the asteroids in the near orbit. Just like the biological chain, the weaker the flesh, the more they devoured the planets. In this star war, many of the planet’s creatures died, With the fall of civilization, from 100 planets gradually stabilized to today’s eight major planets, there are countless species and numbers of organisms disappearing.

Moreover, according to research, mercury is a planet with high density and thin crust, so the scientific community thinks that the crust of mercury was damaged in the collision, and today’s planet is also the core of the former planet; our earth has also experienced a very serious blow, and even the mantle collided and flew into the universe; the traces of Mars are more obvious, and the northern crust is much thinner than the southern crust because of the collision The northern part of China was seriously damaged, but debris floated in space, reunited at the south pole of Mars, and evolved into Mars for a long time.

After the end of the Holocaust war, after hundreds of millions of years of long evolution and evolution, the solar system gradually formed a stable planetary magnetic field. After the gravitational balance, the galaxy gradually established a state of balance. However, the planetary biological chain still continues. Although the sun has entered the dormancy period, it still has the tendency to become larger. At that time, the civilization of the solar system will disappear.

The existence of galaxies may be the same as the metabolic cells of the human body. Countless galaxies have infinite possibilities. After the war of catastrophe, countless civilizations have disappeared. If one day mankind finds the remains of lost civilization, do you think human civilization can break through the primary civilization and advance to the depth of the universe? Welcome to leave a message, say your idea!

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