There was a loud noise in Tibet late at night, and the lake “mystery” disappeared. Human beings should pay attention to it!

For many people, Tibet is a holy and mysterious place. Many people are eager to travel to Tibet and appreciate the uncanny workmanship of nature. Although the scenery of Tibet is beautiful, legends about Tibet have emerged one after another since ancient times. There was such a strange event in Tibet. There was a mysterious lake, but it disappeared without any sign. What’s the matter?

Disappearing lakes

This disappearing lake is called Lake dromulata. The earth’s landforms are diverse. Even a small lake takes tens of thousands of years to form. This lake has existed for a long time in Tibet, covering an area of nearly 1000 square meters. Moreover, there are many villagers living around it. These villagers rely on the lake water for generations, and this lake has become an indispensable condition for their survival. Although it is isolated from the world and has no advanced scientific and technological civilization, it is also a place for self entertainment. Originally, the villagers lived and worked in peace and contentment, but one night there was a loud noise. When they got up the next day, they were shocked by the scene.

As usual, the villagers here had a rest early. However, there was a loud noise in the quiet night. Many villagers heard the sound, but they did not dare to go out. They had to wait until the next day to check. Just after dawn, the villagers quickly put on their clothes and went to check. After walking for a long time, they didn’t find anything unusual. However, when they came to the lake, they were shocked by the sight. The nearly kilometer Lake mysteriously disappeared. It was dry, as if the lake had never appeared.

This is not the most unimaginable thing. In a few days, these disappearing lakes appeared again. For the local villagers, where they have seen such scenes has become a major event in their hearts. Local villagers think it may be the meaning of gods. Finally, they reported this phenomenon to the upper authorities, and the experts came here to investigate before they got the answer.

The secret of the lake

In fact, the disappearance and appearance of this lake has nothing to do with the gods. The reason for this strange phenomenon is actually the underground river. There are two underground rivers under the zhuomurata lake, and the flow is very large. Because of the special terrain and environment and active geological activities, the underground rivers will also change with the environment. When the two underground rivers meet at one place, it will produce a huge noise. The lake that used to be on the ground became an underground lake, so this lake disappeared.

Although the mystery of the disappearance of the lake has been solved, scientists believe that this is not a good omen. The reason for this phenomenon actually means that the soil has become very loose. Maybe there will be a debris flow here in the future, so it is better for local residents to move to avoid unnecessary casualties. From this point of view, human activities are closely related to nature. If we continue to destroy the earth’s environment and the imbalance between human and nature, then it must be human beings who will pay for it.

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