There was no life on the moon, but 187.4 tons of garbage were found, including animal feathers and snack bags

In China, there are many legends about the moon. Since ancient times, the moon has been a mysterious symbol in people’s eyes. There are many poems about the moon written by people before, among which there is a saying: today people do not see the ancient moon, and this month used to shine on the ancients. With the progress of science and the change of technology, the mysterious moon in our eyes has ushered in the arrival of 12 human beings.

With the success of human landing on the moon, a large number of rock samples have been collected from the surface of the moon. With the development of space exploration activities, our understanding of the moon has been greatly helped, but a lot of things have been left behind. Although not a large number of people have landed on the moon, there are a lot of man-made garbage on the surface of the moon. Is that true? The amount and types of garbage on the surface of the moon are beyond people’s imagination. Scientists estimate that the amount of garbage on the surface of the moon is nearly 187.4 tons, which is really amazing!

Before landing on the moon, people did not have the ability to really stand on the moon, so they began to explore the moon one after another. All kinds of exploration instruments, spacecraft parts and broken edges were left on the surface of the moon, and no one recovered them. Now, the garbage on the surface of the moon is much more than that.

Relevant experts carefully explored with detectors and found that although the surface of the moon looks beautiful, it leaves garbage everywhere, which can’t be described as clean at the beginning. Some of the rubbish on the surface of the moon is really incredible, including the most common national flag, animal feathers, snack bags, parts of the detector and some parts of various instruments crashed, and all kinds of debris scattered on the surface of the moon. Of course, the main reason for these problems is that many satellites and detection instruments launched by various countries have not been recovered well after detection. The astronauts who landed on the moon one after another left behind a lot of equipment and useless items, and did not take all the garbage back, because the cost of transporting all the garbage back to the earth was too high. At the beginning, people did not have the ability to recover all kinds of equipment left on the moon, resulting in most of the equipment left behind. Today, space technology has gradually matured, although countries are trying to save costs, but also in the recovery of various facilities left on the surface of the moon, as samples for research, so now the recovery rate of equipment is also increasing.

Of course, there is another way of saying that some scientists believe that although a lot of garbage is left on the surface of the moon, it will cause damage to the moon

It’s really not good for the environment, but everything has two sides. The environment of the moon is different from that of the earth. The surface of the moon has no protection, so it will receive strong radiation from the universe. Therefore, these materials left on the surface of the moon will be exposed to radiation. No matter what changes occur to these materials, it will be of great help for us to explore the moon and understand how to deal with cosmic radiation.

If it is normal for people to travel to and from the moon and the earth after thousands of years, we should cherish the so-called “garbage”, which is of great significance to human conquest of the moon. Now, we should pay more attention to environmental protection, not only for our home earth, but also for our moon.

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