There was no moon 12000 years ago, or it was created by a super civilization. Myths have long said that

In addition to the sun, the most well-known object in the solar system is the moon. In ancient times, before the beginning of human astronomy, we knew that the moon would appear after sunset, sending a piece of moonlight for the night. However, if we carefully study the myths and legends of these countries, we will find a problem, that is, in ancient times, there seemed to be no moon on the earth.

For example, the well-known record of the moon’s appearance in the book of mountains and seas is about 10000 years after the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan. In addition, we all know that the Mayan civilization has made great achievements in astronomy, but it is not recorded in their historical records. It was not until after the flood that the moon began to appear in the myths and legends of all countries in the world.

Similarly, in some ancient primitive tribes, it is still spreading in ancient times. There is no moon on the horizon, and there are different star worship in many parts of the ancient world. The moon is the most eye-catching at night, and it should be widely worshipped, but no nation has ever regarded the moon as its patron saint.

However, in the earliest records of the moon, flood is mentioned, which reminds us of the true origin of the moon. As we know, in many legends in the world, it is recorded that there was a terrible flood on the earth more than 10000 years ago. The God of heaven prepared to punish human beings with a flood, but human beings survived. The variable here is the moon.

What is the effect of the moon on the earth? We know from modern scientific research that the tidal force of the moon helps to stabilize the tilt angle of the earth’s rotation axis. In this way, there will be four distinct seasons on the earth, and the earth’s climate will be suitable for human habitation. Without the moon, the environment of the earth will no longer be suitable for life, and human civilization will not continue to exist on the earth.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the ancestors of human beings have been on the earth for more than five million years, but they have experienced many different types of human evolution. Finally, the modern human group has really stabilized on the earth for only 12000 years. According to records, there was a long ice age on the earth at that time, and the ancestors of modern human beings were almost wiped out. Fortunately, the climate on the earth suddenly began to warm up, and human beings finally passed the long cold winter and began a real rapid evolution on the earth.

Scientists describe this period as follows: 12000 years ago, four seasons appeared on the earth, the temperature difference narrowed, the earth’s rotation and revolution cycle began to form, and the earth became very suitable for human habitation. Comparing the later descriptions of the moon, all these show that after the moon appeared around the earth, it experienced a running in period of more than 3000 years, and it was not until 8000 years ago that the moon completely stabilized. Scientists also believe that the true stability of the earth began 9000 years ago.

Is that a coincidence? Now, many people think that myths and legends, especially ancient myths and legends, may have certain scientific basis, and many of them may be what we imagined or true. Some people think that the solar system may be created by super civilization, which aims to provide a comfortable environment for the earth, so that life, especially human beings, can exist peacefully on the earth. What’s the point of this? Maybe it’s an experiment, maybe it’s part of our super civilization, and it takes time to prove that.

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