There was the worst nuclear leak in history, and the surrounding cities were abandoned, affecting 6.945 million people

When it comes to the most powerful weapon of mankind, we will immediately think of the atomic bomb. Even now, the power of the hydrogen bomb is far greater than that of the atomic bomb, but it is still not as shocking as the atomic bomb. Let’s first recall the first appearance of the atomic bomb in history. 1945 was an unforgettable day for the people of Hiroshima, Japan. A US B-29 bomber was launched in Hiroshima Dropped an atomic bomb called “little boy”. The bomb exploded in the air 580 meters away from the ground. Under the action of the huge shock wave, all the buildings in Hiroshima City collapsed. 80000 of the city’s 245000 people died that day, with a total number of casualties of more than 200000. The city was turned into ruins. However, everything is good and bad. The devil can also become an angel. The atomic bomb can also become an important driving force for human development. That is nuclear power station. Nuclear power station is the greatest invention of human beings. Many scholars worried about it more than ten years ago. Our industry and power generation all rely on oil and coal. How can these resources be used up in the next few decades What should we do? Human beings are going to die. But the birth of the nuclear power plant really blocked the mouth of these scholars.

The energy density of nuclear fuel in nuclear power plant is several million times higher than that of fossil fuel. Therefore, the fuel used in nuclear power plant is small in volume and convenient in transportation and storage. A 10 million kilowatt nuclear power plant only needs 30 tons of uranium fuel a year, and it can be transported by one flight. In addition, nuclear power generation has no carbon emission, which will not aggravate the global greenhouse effect, nor will it be like traditional energy Like power generation, it emits a huge amount of pollutants into the atmosphere, which is the best energy supply. But nuclear power plants do have a very frightening effect

The disadvantage is that it is highly radioactive. In the history of mankind, there was one of the most serious nuclear leakage incidents, which happened in the former Soviet Union. That nuclear power station was the largest nuclear power station in the former Soviet Union. Because the personnel of the nuclear power station violated the operation regulations for many times, the reactor energy increased, serious explosion occurred, the protective layer was completely damaged, and the radioactive materials were completely leaked out Come on.

The power of this accident was amazing. The concentration of nuclear fuel leaked during the explosion was as high as 60%, and the processing speed was very slow. The reactor was not sealed up until 10 days later, and these radioactive elements were in excessive release before sealing up. In just three days, many people have suffered from radioactive pollution. By 1992, more than 7000 people had died from the nuclear pollution caused by the accident. Moreover, the radioactive pollution caused by the accident spread over 150000 square kilometers of the former Soviet Union, where 6.945 million people lived, affecting most of the agricultural crops. After the nuclear leak, the city around the nuclear power plant was completely abandoned, because it was full of radioactive materials.

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