There were many UFOs in Guangdong, staying in the air for 2 minutes, and many people took photos!

UFO is no longer mysterious to human beings. Although there are many UFO incidents that have not been decided yet, with the increasing frequency of occurrence, human beings have believed that extraterrestrial life is real. Some time ago, there were UFOs in the sky of Guangdong, China. They radiated dazzling light and flew in the air for two minutes. Will they be aliens this time?

Many people always think of the United States when they hear about UFO incidents. In fact, the probability of UFO incidents in the United States is too high. Therefore, many conspiracy theorists suspect that these endless UFOs are probably just secret weapons and have nothing to do with aliens. However, throughout the history of our country, there have been mysterious UFO incidents, just like this one in Guangzhou The unidentified objects that appeared in dongduo were witnessed by several people, and videos were taken and published on the Internet.

UFOs over Guangdong

The UFO appeared in the evening of that day. It was very sunny that day, so many people were still playing outside, so many people witnessed this situation. There is a bright light in the sky. Careful observation shows that there is a white aircraft across the sky, and there is a tail behind the aircraft, just like our common aircraft cable. So a lot of people speculate that this will not be just an ordinary plane?

There are many UFO enthusiasts naturally do not believe this conclusion, they think these magical aircraft, are related to aliens. Some people think that this may be very similar to the fireball that appeared in the sky above Yushu, Qinghai. At that time, a meteorite fell from the sky and directly cut through the sky over Qinghai, emitting dazzling light and deafening sound, which made many people have lingering fear. Is the unidentified object over Guangdong a meteorite?

Views of scientists

While netizens’ brain holes were opening, the director of Guangzhou Wuyang Astronomical Museum claimed that the unidentified objects in the air were not fortune, let alone aliens, but probably the tail gas left by the plane when it glided high above the sky. As we all know, the length of the tail gas left by the plane when it flies across the sky is very long, and the existence time is not short. However, the white line over Guangdong only exists for two minutes and then disappears, so many people still don’t buy this argument.

Although we have gone to the universe, we still know little about the earth, especially the rare phenomena over the earth. There are many things that are difficult to explain with science and common sense. The United States has acknowledged the existence of UFOs. We can’t make a conclusion just through a video or a picture. We still have a lot to do. I don’t know what you think?

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