There’s a lake in the rift valley that turns animals into “stone statues.” photographers take this picture

The quiet water of the lake sets off the blue sky, making people look at the stillness of death. If you have never seen such a deep beauty that can make people nostalgic, then please do not doubt that it is enough to attract anyone’s irresistible and dazzling charm at this moment.

That’s right. What you see now is a group of real photos about this magical Lake taken by the camera team. Many local people call it the lake of statues

It is located in the east of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa and is called natron lake.

The accompanying scientific research team made further investigation in the local area and found that the chemical composition of the lake water was quite different from the lake water we usually came into contact with

It’s not like any other lake that emits a breath of aquatic life and any algae

There’s no fish we can find in the lake. So that at a glance, the water surface of Shenxiang Lake seems to be always so calm and breathtaking

But it’s always going to be a little scary.

That’s because there are statues of all kinds of animals around the lake. What I don’t know is because which willful sculptor worships Michelangelo in his mind.

When you know the real secret of this lake, you will find that everything can make you feel creepy. The lifelike animal statues were actually made of animal fossils after they came into contact with the lake water. A scientific research team carefully detected the relevant components of the lake water. The ratio of acid and alkali in the water of Shenxiang lake is astonishing. The research team put the animal bones into the lake water and found that the ingredients can calcify the bones of small animals, making them look like a perfect sculpture (the photo in the article is made of the fossilized bones by the photographer). At the same time, researchers also found some fungi in the lake water. These fungi, which live in such a bad environment, have extremely praiseworthy reproduction ability. They can withstand the acidity of almost some simple iron products to dissolve, and then sculpture general calcification. This kind of magical phenomenon has been admired by the accompanying researchers, but at the same time, it is really puzzling.

But even so, here is a paradise for many flamingos. Here, Xiaobian can’t help but sigh about the novelty of nature’s creator, and the instant sense of beauty and fear. I believe that many friends who like to hunt for novelty may as well go to the edge of the statue Lake in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, and feel the death and peaceful beauty of the lake. One vivid statue after another seems to tell you in a silent way that death can also have beautiful and moving vitality.

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