There’s a siren? Is it true that many people have seen the siren head hurt human beings?

Although we have created a developed scientific and technological civilization, there are still many phenomena in the world that can not be explained by science. I don’t know if you have heard of the legend of the siren head. Hundreds of people have witnessed its trace, and some even saw the siren head attacking human beings. Is it real?

What happened to a couple

Once a couple saw the siren head on their way home at night. At that time, they didn’t think it was just a sculpture. At that time, they were driving through a cemetery when a huge object more than ten meters high suddenly appeared in front of them. The object not only shook its head and tail, but also made a harsh sound. At that time, they bowed their heads. The legend is far away. It’s not as mysterious as it is now. The couple thought it was just a power pole built by an artist. Unexpectedly, when the huge object saw the couple, it ran quickly.

When it came, the couple saw its real appearance. It was more than ten meters high and had a slender neck, but it was the sign of a strong opponent on the top of their head. The two horns made a harsh sound, and they immediately realized that it was the legendary siren head. So they quickly drove back, more than ten minutes later, they finally got rid of the pursuit of the police siren, to save their lives.

What happened to a young man

In addition to the couple, a young man saw the siren in 1987. After a day’s work, he went for a walk in a park. In the woods in front of him, an object more than ten meters high appeared, which was very slender. At that time, he ran to the young man who didn’t care. Before he saw the young man, he ran to him quickly. At this time, he heard a harsh sound, and then he realized that it was the hair of the police siren. Later, no one knew what had happened to the young man. Since then, more and more people have claimed that they have seen the legendary siren. Does he really exist in the world?

The real identity of the siren

There is also a video circulating on the Internet that two police siren heads are dancing with a coffin. If you look carefully, it is imitating the coffin lifting dance of black people. I believe many people here have the answer in their hearts. The siren head is not a real existence of strange creatures, in fact, it is an image made up by human beings, and its creator is a Canadian illustrator.

This illustrator is very fond of horror stories. He has not only created a large number of horror stories, but also the siren head. With the development of the Internet, more and more people have learned about the siren head. After many ways of communication, it is no wonder that many people regard it as a true story. Have you heard the story of the siren?

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